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  • The Racial Contract

    The books, “The Racial Contract”, “Democracy in Black”, and “The Meaning of Freedom” are all examples showcasing racial inequality and its effects on society. I will discuss the books as we have read them, starting with “The Racial Contract” discussing Mill’s subperson/ person dichotomy, then “Democracy in Black” which emphasizes Glaude’s theories on the value gap, racial habits, white fear, and revolution of value, and finally ending with “The Meaning of Freedom” which demonstrates Davis’…

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  • Employment Contract

    FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT This Employment Contract, hereinafter referred to as “the contract or this contract” is entered between: FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, hereinafter referred to as “FIU, the University” and/or “the Employer”, and MS. JESSIE HERNANDEZ, current resident of Stanford, Connecticut hereinafter referred to as “The Head Coach, Coach” and/or “the Employee”, for the purpose of employment as follows: The University wishes to employ the Coach as the…

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  • Contract Killers

    accessed by downloading the “Tor Browser,” which protects the user’s identity by transferring IP addresses from computers around the world. According to Sterne, who is an internet security agent, “the transfer of drugs, illegal weapons and the hiring of contract killers…

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  • Candy And Blair Case Summary

    Candy and Blair -Coffee beans supply contract Issue A: Can Candy get out of the supply contract early just as Blair promised? Candy will get out of the contract early as long as she can successfully raise an estoppel against Blair. The law of estoppel stops a party from unconscionable conduct, this is often known as promissory estoppel, a party will not be allowed to say that no contract exists because of lacking consideration . However, if a plaintiff wants to raise an estoppel successfully, a…

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  • Mason V. R & G Case Study

    Contract One of the major contention points in this case of Mason v. R&G is the question whether a contract exists at all between the parties. In order to ascertain the validity of the contract, the elements of a valid contract in the state of Georgia must be carefully examined. The Code of Georgia, § 13-3-1, clearly states that in order to constitute a valid contract, the following elements must generally exist; there must be parties able to contract, a consideration moving to the contract,…

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  • Facey V Facey Case Summary

    While Mathieson Gee thinks that the contract is just about the hire of equipment, Quigley thought that they would remove the silt at his house. However, we should have a look if, in the first place, there is a contract at all. In order to have a conclusion of a contract, consensus in idem has to been reached subjectively or objectively. It means that what is important in a contract is if an objective person would have understood the parties to have reached a contract, if she was a witness.…

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  • Business Law Case Study: Wendy V. Hook

    1. Wendy v Hook 1.1 Issues Wendy must prove there was an agreement, and the contract was certain. 1.2 Agreement Was there an offer? Firstly, it must be determined whether Hook extended an offer or an invitation to treat. The language used by Hook, “would you be interested”, is more akin to an invitation to treat than a firm offer. Hook could argue he was simply informing Wendy about the existence of a job vacancy. However, in contrast to Gibson, Hood did not invite an application but already…

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  • Family Grape Producers: Case Study

    As requested for consideration in mediating my breach of contract lawsuit against Family Grape Producers, the following outlines the facts: • Case Facts • Material Terms of Contract at Issue • Legal Concerns • Requested Remedies • Conditions for Achievement of Settlement Case Facts The relationship between myself and Nemeth Family Produce (NFP) began with a discussion at a religious service between Lora Lee Nemeth of NFP and myself. At the time of our first meeting, Lora Lee Nemeth led a…

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  • Takem's Appliances & Electronics Case Study

    Sally Walker is one of a mistreated sales contract. When Sally Walker purchased the laptop from Takem’s Applicances & Electronics, she entered into a sales contract in which she promised to pay for the laptop. The specific terms of the contract are unknown, as to the price Sally agreed to pay Takem for the laptop, the time period over which the payments would be made, if the contract was written or oral, and so on. It is even unknown whether the contract is even valid at this point. Assuming…

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  • Sons Of Thunder V. Borden Case Analysis

    humans is the fact that we enter more and more contracts as working adults. Why does everyone seem to want to enter a contract in recent times? Where do we go when things are so convoluted or cryptic in the fine print of a simple download or update. How do we get answers for the contracts that we are aware of moreover, how do we defend against those that we are unknowingly a part of? How challenging might it be for us to interface with a false contract that does not offer any validity or merit. …

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