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  • Sons Of Thunder V. Borden Case Analysis

    humans is the fact that we enter more and more contracts as working adults. Why does everyone seem to want to enter a contract in recent times? Where do we go when things are so convoluted or cryptic in the fine print of a simple download or update. How do we get answers for the contracts that we are aware of moreover, how do we defend against those that we are unknowingly a part of? How challenging might it be for us to interface with a false contract that does not offer any validity or merit. …

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  • Aslakson V. Home Saving Association Case Study

    Association case was very interesting. The Aslakson family joined into a conditional sales contract in order to buy a mobile home. A conditional sales contract is a when an individual signs a contract which allows the individuals to take the property, in this case a mobile home, but will not receive the title until the buyer receive the full purchase amount. Four years after signing the sales contract the Aslaksons decided to join into a purchase agreement, which allows them to sell the…

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  • Compumac Case Summary

    Question 1 Under Scenario one, it’s likely that CompuMac will be able to claim damages for breach of contract, including a refund of deposit. Under Scenario two, it is likely that CompuMac will be required to pay the balance amount to BestCoach. This advice will be in four parts. Part one will show that there has been a valid contract between CompuMac and BestCoach even though it was Peter who paid the deposit to BestCoach. Part two will show that there is an implied condition that time is of…

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  • The Impossibility, Frustration Of Purpose

    Impossibility, Impracticability, Frustration of Purpose In the world of contracts, there are many situations that can arise making the completion of the contract difficult or impossible. In situations where something occurs that was expressly contemplated in the contract, there are typically expressed solutions to the occurrence of these events. However, in situations where unexpected events transpire, there can be difficulties in resolving these conflicts. In this paper, we will discuss a few…

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  • The Christian Doctrine

    Implications of Christian from a Contractor’s Perspective Because the Court of Claims ruled that there were certain clauses that are automatically assumed to be included in a contract (despite the clause being absent), the main risk that the Christian Doctrine poses is that contractors are unsure about the contract’s terms and conditions, presenting the risk that the doctrine will be inconsistently applied. Theoretically, however, the Christine Doctrine protects the contractor’s rights too. This…

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  • Bob And Carl Case

    emailed to Bob. After sending his acceptance by letter, Bob then decides to withdraw from the contract and uses a more direct method of communication i.e. a message on Carl’s answering machine, to do…

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  • Angola Rodeo Thesis

    actually practicing free will, or if certain underlying forces are nullifying a person’s right to a complete free will, or if there are unseen motives that facilitate the actions of the inmates. The Angola Rodeo is an exploitation and a wrongful contract in ways that there is unequal bargaining position and racism. The Angola prisoners do have the right to the freedom of labor, as written in the Constitution, regardless of the possible threats it may pose to the enjoyment…

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  • What Is An Example Of An Exclusion Clause In Business Law

    wishing to rely on the exclusion clause must show that it formed part of the contract. An exclusion clause can be incorporated in the contract by signature, by notice, or by a course of dealing. The defendant in this scenario is Flowerdews. Flowerdews would need to prove that they are not liable for breach of contract, they could do this by relying on any exclusion clauses that they may have which formed part of the contract that they…

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  • Doctrine Of Frustration Essay

    Introduction Doctrine of frustration possesses an exceptional place in the Law of Contract. This principle of frustration was advanced to moderate the thoroughness of the common law 's request on exacting execution of total promises.[1] Under the doctrine of frustration an contract may be released if after its establishment occasions happen making its execution impossible.[2] The English Common Law generally holds the parties to their deal, consequently aembargodoning them to make their…

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  • Sandra Mahon V. Chief Appeals Officer

    Officer was appealed in the High Court, but was later dismissed by the Supreme Court. The case was in relation to an area of employment law, which concerns itself with the contract of an employee. The question in hand was whether the demonstrator, Sandra Mahon was employed under a contract of service or rather a contract for service, therefore identifying whether she was an “insurable person”. Sandra Mahon (“The demonstrator”) applied to work for the company (appellant) in 1988 as a…

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