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  • Commercial Law In Australia

    World Trade Organisation (WTO) figures for 2008 indicate that worldwide merchandise export trade amounted to just over AU$18 billion and the import trade to AU$18.5 billion. These figures are roughly 100 times more than 45 years ago (Global Sales and Contract Law, 2012). At the dawn of the 21st century when commerce is more integrated than ever before and jurisdictions are attempting to make themselves more commercially flexible, exercises aimed at rendering the common law less opaque and…

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  • Contractual Argumentative Essay

    O’Neal was employed by the Colton School as a teacher, which was valid though a contractual agreement between these two parties. When O’Neal attempted to replace the original contract with a substitute agreement, he did not follow the correct rules of modification. When the Colton School fired O’Neal for nonperformance, they were acting within the limitations of the law. O’Neal’s later legal action against the Colton school will argue that his condition excused his nonperformance. This, however,…

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  • Force Majeure In Force Majeure

    commonly included clause in a contract that is intended to save the parties from legal reparation should they fail to fulfil their obligations because of an “act of god” or natural disaster. Force Majeure, a film by Ruben Östlund, provides the perfect example of the contract made in marriage not carried out when one of the main characters, Tomas, abandons his wife and children in the wake of an avalanche. Euripides’ play Medea also depicts a broken marriage contract when Medea’s husband Jason…

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  • Why Is The Exclusion Clause Enforceable?

    one or more of their contractual obligations. Whether a disclaimer is enforceable depends on; 1. Is the disclaimer part of the contract: (1) is it expressly set out in a written contract that has been signed by the parties? (2) It is expressly brought to the attention of the party by reasonable notice given before the contract was formed. (3) It is implied into the contract as a result of prior dealings between the parties (James, N 2014, p309). 2. How will the disclaimer be interpreted? Any…

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  • Changing Employment Relationships

    significantly redefine employment relationships and have an impact on individuals’ psychological contracts.” (Anjali Chaudhry, 2011). Therefore, these external factors have a significant impact on reshaping the employment relationships as well as the psychological contracts between employees and employers. Without globalization and increased competition, when most people entered the labour force, their psychological contracts with the organizations are rather relational. They are looking for…

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  • Civil Law: Business Analysis

    deals with breach of contracts. Contracts are legally binding agreements established between two or more parties and generally require an offer, acceptance, consideration and a mutual intent to be bound. A very important point to consider…

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  • What Is The Role Of Negotiation In Supply Chain Management

    passion for the sake of your organization. This means no personal buying, accepting suppliers favors, sharp practices, financial conflicts of interest, personal conflicts of interest or reciprocity. Some organizations will use any advantage they for a contract but think of the consequences of your action before making a…

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  • Tony And Emma Case Study

    Whether there is a contract between Tony and Emma? A contract is consisted of three elements, an agreement, consideration and intention to create legal relations. In addition to this, an agreement is formed by a valid offer and acceptance. An offer is the promise which is clear, certain and final that made by the offeror, the offeree can choose to accept it or reject it as the acceptance is capable. An acceptance refers to the approve of the offer, it must be absolute and communicated to offeror…

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  • The Case Of MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd V Rock Advertising Ltd (2016)?

    initial view was that the parties entered into a ‘collateral, unilateral contract’, suggesting only one party to it makes a promise. From this MWB was bound upon receiving the payment of £3,500 to accept the rescheduling of the licence fees, so far as Rock were able to occupy the rented premises and continued to pay the rescheduled payments. Despite this, Arden LJ accepted that raising the question of a ‘collateral, unilateral contract’ was not actually raised by the parties themselves. From…

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  • Rural Road Maintenance Case Study

    At first, this study quantified the cost of CO on rural road maintenance contracts. Then the study identified the causes of CO and its preventative measures in road maintenance activities. Lastly the study developed change order contingency estimating tool and schedule crashing tool in order to assist in change management system of these contracts. The main conclusions and limitations of these three phase studies are described below. This study determined the amount of CO on road maintenance…

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