The Importance Of The Social Contract Theory

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Fed Up goes into depth on how big private corporations and the American government benefits from the exploitation and miseducation of it’s citizens as it relates to health. What the government does to hide the truth about food, sugar, and its relation to obesity is in direct violation of the Social Contract Theory. The Social Contract Theory argues that people should put their self-interest behind them and make decisions that benefit everyone rather than just make them better off. Corporations go to extreme lengths to make themselves better off rather than to humanity. In the context of the documentary Coke and Pepsi are aware of how bad their products are for consumption, especially for children and rather than try to create a healthy and …show more content…
It is common knowledge that corporations are profit driven and it is easy for them to exploit and misinform, because that is what brings in the most revenue. According to the Social Contract Theory these dishonest actions are immoral because, “actions are morally right just because they are permitted by rules that are free, equal and rational”. (Schafer, 2012, p. 189) In covering the truth of how sugar impacts childhood obesity sugar by using force, the way the Bush administration did (enter doc citation) they were crippling the freedom of the Social Contract Theory requires. The golden rule of the Social Contract Theory, which is similar the the universal golden rule that is to treat others the way would want to be treated, according to the English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes is ‘‘Do not that to another, which thou wouldest not have done to thyself.” (Mizzoni, 2010, p. 380) The people behind the corporations who purposely deceive their customers would certainly not want the same thing done to them.
Hedonism is another Ethical Theory relevant to the documentary Fed Up. Hedonism carries the view that “unhappiness is the only thing that directly reduces your quality of life.” (Schafer, 2012, pg. 22) In hedonism attitudinal

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