Committee of Public Safety

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  • The Importance Of The Reign Of Terror

    The period of 1792 to 1795, or commonly regarded as the ‘Reign of Terror’ served as a vital turning point for the French Revolution and effectively, the future of France. This period of time was distinguished by the fall of monarchy and the creation of the National Convention. Additionally. the Reign of Terror demonstrated more brutal punishments for counter revolutionaries and foreign enemies, in the hunt for freedom and liberty by French revolutionaries. The events that would take place under…

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  • Maximilien De Robespierre: French Revolution

    Maximilien de Robespierre was a French revolutionary with ties to both the French Revolution as well as the Reign of Terror. Robespierre studied law and went on to be an advocate for the lower class of France. Robespierre aided in the writing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. As a radical Jacobin leader, Robespierre called for political change in the French monarchy. Robespierre gained a great deal of power during the Reign of Terror. He began to use it as a way to eliminate…

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  • Was The French Revolutionaries Justified To Be Justified Dbq Analysis

    many reasons to murder innocent people over a political stand off. Firstly, the government had the mindset of keeping people safe and they were succeeding. The government felt that creating the Committee of Public Safety would help protect their country. In December of 1793 the Committee of Public Safety cracked down on rebels. (Doc.…

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  • The Terror, By Maximilien Robespierre

    a quote by Robespierre during his time in power within the Committee of General Security. Robespierre believed it was upon the population to act on the means of attainment of reign of the constitutional laws. His speech explores the influence of society upon the fundamental principle of the democratic or popular government. The failure by the population was not seen favourable by Robespierre and resulted in the adoption of the Committee of General Security managing the internal policy of the…

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  • Democracy In D'simpson

    power which he held. The other one, Georges Jacques D’Anton, was the man of the people. D’Anton was a powerful figure because was educated. He was a lawyer with a great set of skills to get his point across. His big voice and ability to speak to the public made him able to express the recent problems in France. His oratorical skills were at such a high level that he could have talked to people anywhere and anytime. The common people loved him. They supported him because he would say what the…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Robespierre

    Adam Michnik, a Polish historian believed that “After the French Revolution, it was not the treason of the king that was in question; it was the existence of the king. You have to be very careful when you judge and execute somebody for being a symbol.” When the colonists declared war on Britain in 1776, they promoted “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Declaration of Independence par. 2).” When the citizens of France and the Third Estate became weary of the tyranny and despotism of…

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  • How Did Napoleon's Actions Contribute To The French Revolution

    reasons were; the execution of their king, Louis XVI, in 1792, the food shortage because of bad harvests, and the ongoing threat of invasion from the rest of the European countries. These events pushed the National Convention to give the Committee of Public Safety more power in order to carry out the Reign of Terror. Robespierre wrote about the king 's trial, saying, “As for Louis, I ask that the National Convention declare him, from this moment on, a traitor to the French Nation, a…

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  • Why Is The Reign Of Terror Justified

    The Justification of the Reign Of Terror Threatening to end the French Revolution. The French Revolution has been building up for years under the rule of King Louis 16. The things that lead up to the people of France revolting against the king was the serious debt, expensive wars, and the starving of the people of France. After the people of France revolted against the King they formed the new government as a republic. Down the road a man named Maximilian Robespierre introduced the guillotine…

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  • Was The Reign Of Terror Justified

    Ali McCowin Mr. Picazo History, Per. 5 6 January 2016 Was the Reign of Terror Justified? The Reign of Terror was a significant time in the French Revolution impacting the nation and killing many individuals. The Reign of Terror lasted less than two years. During that time, the Revolution was in extreme debt, due to wars. To solve the financial crisis, they created the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen which ensured liberty, equality, and fraternity. However, Austria and Prussia were…

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  • King Louis Xvi's Impact On The Rise Of The French Revolution

    Our story takes place in France around 1780 during the French Revolution. At the time the french society was divided into three different social classes called estates. At the top was the king and below him was the first estate that consisted of the clergy and priests. Below them was the second estate and this is where the nobles stood. Lastly at the bottom was the third estate and this was made up of the majority of the population and they were known as commoners. Life wasn’t easy at the time…

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