Was The French Revolutionaries Justified To Be Justified Dbq Analysis

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Looking into the eyes of the traitor. Hate fills every bit of your heart. All you can think is “I want them dead”. These were the type of thoughts that authority figures would think back during the Reign of Terror. The Reign of Terror was a big part of the French Revolution. The Reign of Terror was the killing of hundreds of people who were suspected of committing treason and fighting for Prussia/Austria. Individuals argued if this was justified or in other words if they had a necessary reason to kill. The truth is that the Revolutionaries were justified to many reasons to murder innocent people over a political stand off. Firstly, the government had the mindset of keeping people safe and they were succeeding. The government felt that creating the Committee of Public Safety would help protect their country. In December of 1793 the Committee of Public Safety cracked down on rebels. (Doc. …show more content…
Between 1792 and 1795, France defeated Prussia and Austria. (Doc B). Also they took over the Austrian Netherlands. If the revolutionaries didn’t do their job than Austria and Prussia could have easily taken over. Which would be better having the traitors killed and having the Revolution be successful? Or having the whole country killed and having the enemies take over? Obviously the revolutionaries made the right choice and had to sacrifice people in order to save France.
In conclusion, the revolutionaries certainly had numerous reasons to murder hundreds of people. This was shown through France’s government having the right intentions, traitors committing treason, and the Revolution being successful over all. If the revolutionaries didn’t kill suspected people than they would have never been successful with their revolution in the first place. Finally, you look down at the traitor who you have just killed. His eyes are still open. You look into his lifeless eyes and think “You deserved this. We are doing this for the safety of

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