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  • The Importance Of Green Essay

    I’m always looking to keep my money in my wallet and my savings accounts. But I also like to be comfortable, particularly in my own home during a heat wave. If you’re ready to get proactive and dedicate a little time, you’ll enjoy a much more pleasant summer, minimizing sweat and save energy at home at the same time. Even better, you’ll benefit from these changes in the winter as well. What home improvements have you made to lower the cost of keeping cool in the hot summer months? Add eco…

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  • Causal Analysis: Life In A Day

    combination of fresh paint permeated the air. To the right of the front entrance was a half bathroom occupied by a stacked washer and dryer. The toilet, small sink, washer and dryer were all covered in a burnt orange color paint. My sister thought her paint job was so unique, almost as if she wanted me to ask her to come do mine. The floor covered the tile with a huge pile of clothes with paint splatters all over them. The kitchen, across from the bathroom, was a complete mess. Stale food on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Misconception Of Jordan

    My Misconception of Jordan The Middle East was nothing like I experienced it to be. I was expecting to see women fully covered from head to toe and very poor areas. Although that type of lifestyle does exist in the Middle East, I rarely saw it. In the Middle East, I stayed in Amman, Jordan. When I first arrived to my grandmother’s area I noticed every woman had their body and hair covered. The men wore sandals with jeans and regular t-shirts and no one drove nice cars.…

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  • Dominican Republic Research Paper

    It was a bittersweet goodbye. I was upset that I had to leave the beautiful island, but at the same time I was filled with joy to see my pets and friends again back home. I remember packing my clothes and souvenirs and saying goodbye to my aunt. I thought about all the memories I had made and that I will never forget. To conclude, my trip to the Dominican Republic was a significant event in my life. Not only did it change my perspective on the…

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  • Why Do Students Wear Mandatory Uniforms?

    Some individuals find that the only way that they can express themselves is through their attire, so they wear clothes that best fit their personality. Just because someone is wearing something that isn’t native to the area, it doesn’t mean they are weird, but that they come from a unique culture and their beliefs should be embraced through their style. Sometimes…

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  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Examples

    The National Junior Honor Society is a very prestigious program that rewards students for their service in their communities, leadership skills, citizenship, and character. Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School highlights these important qualities and I honored to be selected to apply for the society. I believe my morals, love of service, and leadership skills make me a strong candidate to the National Junior Honor Society. Community service is a rewarding activity that, sadly, not many teens…

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  • Reflective Essay On Meditation

    Today I did my meditation at night because I did not have time in the morning due to studying for my anthropology test. Since today is valentine's day everyone is in a loving mood and no one seems to be having problems with anyone, which makes my mood calm even before doing any of the meditation. As I sat on my yoga mat in my mother’s bedroom by her lamp I feel the silence upon me. I never knew that the silence could be so loud. With no one being home, nothing turned on to make sound (not even…

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  • Starbucks Future Growth Strategy

    Future Growth Strategy 1. Capacity Expansion :- Spirotech has recently acquired a 40,000 sq. mt. industrial plot as part of its expansions strategy Construction at the site is expected to begin at the end of July 2011. Operations at the facility are anticipated to start in 2nd quarter of 2012. An additional 200,000 sq. ft. is available for future expansion. Operating capacity to reach 1.5mn units with the commencement of operations at the Kaharani unit in mid 2012. Operating capacity…

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  • The Spread Of Poverty In The United States

    General poverty is an issue that is world spread. Many think that it is just something that happens in poor, foreign countries. In the U.S 36.8 percent of citizens live in poverty, that includes women, men, and children. People with income 50% below the poverty line are commonly referred to as living in deep poverty; in 2012, 6.6% of our population, or 20.4 million people, were living in deep poverty, or make fifty percent less income. We, the U.S as a world power should help other countries and…

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  • The Importance Of Situational Poverty

    difficult. Students facing poverty situations can be tired, hungry, and/or dirty. At Junction Hill last year, they purchased a washer and dryer and is kept at the school. They debated on the washer and dryer to see if it would actually be put to use for the right purpose. It has been a great investment because they are able to wash the student’s dirty clothes at the school. Some students that are living in poverty don’t have any food at their house. The only food they eat is lunch at school and…

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