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  • Musical Showcase

    satirical and fearless new revue takes on Chicago politics and life in the Windy City as we know it. WHY: Enjoy some relatable comedy. WHERE: The Second City E.T.C. Theater: 1608 N. Wells St., Chicago WHEN: 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16 Gangster Tour of Chicago WHAT: Gather your friends and head downtown to experience the history of the city during this Gangster Tour of Chicago. You and your friends will dive deep…

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  • Cabrini-Green Movie Analysis

    Background Information Cabrini-Green, one of the 11 public-housing high-rises in Chicago, was built in 1958 for Italian immigrants who-who were affected by WWII. This did not work out for the immigrants due to poor living conditions, so they moved out. Soon after, the Cabrini high-rises were transformed and were turned into the Cabrini-Green homes after people built the William Green homes as an add-on to the Frances Cabrini homes. Right after that happened, the Cabrini-Green homes became an…

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  • Asian Indians, East Indians And Indo-Americans

    Asian Indians, East Indians and Indo-Americans are all the same culture, they are Indians. They have an interesting economic history with the United States. Asian Indians have attained some of the highest educational levels of all ethnic groups of Asian descent. Their family and religion have a desire to maintain traditional values of Hinduism. They are one of the oldest civilizations that continue to flourish in the present day. Social History in the US Asian Indians have been migrating to…

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  • In Detroit Ruin Porn Analysis

    Rhetorical Analysis This is my response to Brian Doucet and Philp`s “In Detroit ‘ruin porn’ ignores the voices of those who still call the city home and recommendation for publication in the Shorthorn. In my opinion I believe the authors piece will be unpersuasive to the readers and not to be published in the Shorthorn. The readers will find the piece interesting for wanting to know why people still call Detroit their home even after all the ruin porn. Within this piece Doucet and Philp gives…

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  • Carl Sandburg Chicago

    As one of the most prominent poets of the USA, Carl Sandburg revealed numerous significant issues of the US development in the 20th century. In his poem Chicago, Sandburg depicts the American city as vibrant, progressive, and going through transformations. Despite several dark sides of its development, Chicago appears to be a beautiful and attractive city, worthy of glorifying. Strong imagery, unusual structure, divided into short and long stanzas, and metaphorical language make the poem…

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  • Essay On Chicago Fire

    It has been 145 years since the Great Chicago Fire started on October 8, 1871. Chicago had not had rain in three weeks prior to the fire, so it made the city flammable. The city was also made up of wood, everything was wood. Their fire alarm system was bad because they took 40 minutes after the fire started. The fire crossed the river and spread through the city because their rivers were polluted. Chicago had around 30,000 people and still growing, it was one of the fasted growing cities at…

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  • Jane Addam's Influence On American Women

    the growing cities, only to face ethnic discrimination, daunting poverty, and nativist legislation” these attitude led to terrible conditions for the working poor and consolidated their numbers into very poor district in major cities (TWE 375). In Chicago, where the Hull House was located, four out of every five people were foreign born. The turn of the century found a great improvement in the roles women were able to play in the public sector. Many American women were living more active,…

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  • How Do Chicago Compare And Contrast

    Milan and Chicago are my two favorites cities. Have you ever wondered what Chicago and Milan have in common? Both of the cities have a strong economy and a big population, but Chicago is a modern city and Milan is old, but a little modernized. The Italian city, Milan, is recognized as the capital of design and culture whereas the American city, Chicago, is known as the Windy City. Contrasting and comparing Milano and Chicago will be based on their culture, architecture, and topography. Both…

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  • Museum Indians Compare And Contrast Essay

    their native land. They are both separated and displaced in a new society and have a longing for their own culture. In their situations, they are also differences and similarities. For “Museum Indians”, the main character was born in Chicago and lives in Chicago. She was introduced to the city by her mother. They were also forced to leave their home to support their family. But instead, in “Bonne Anne,” the character was born in Haiti yet lives in New York. He has a Haitian culture and is…

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  • Puerto Rico: What Makes A Great Vacation

    It is no doubt that people look forward to a spectacular vacation after a long period of dedicated work. One of my favorite things to do is travel. I love everything about it, from planning where to go to what sights I will see. Traveling should be fun and relaxing, as well as provide new learning opportunities. It's fun to emerge yourself in the culture of the area and feel how it is to live there. One quality that makes a great vacation is the weather. Sun, beaches, and warm weather are an…

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