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  • Essay On The Devil In The White City

    The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is set during the 1893 World Fair in Chicago, Illinois, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. The event, which would cover over 600 acres and bring well over twenty seven million people was developed by the architect Daniel Burnham. Burnham and his partner at the time, John Root, set out to put Chicago onto a stage of positive reputation and honor. They must both overcome a series of delays and obstacles,…

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  • Bridgewater Ascending Analysis

    Lorenson has been a professor at Bridgewater State University since 1999. Along with being an educator he is an artist and his art piece “Bridgewater Ascending” was chosen to be displayed on campus. Before being employed at BSU, Lorenson lived in Chicago, Illinois. There he recieved a MFA degree in sculpture from Northern Illiois University and before that he recieved a BFA degree in sculpture from the University of Northern Iowa. Even before school, Lorenson knew he wanted to work with metal,…

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  • The Velvet Underground Analysis

    extent did The Velvet Underground & Nico's 'Banana album' relate the social, political and cultural landscape of its time and how?” Arthur Vandervoort: (Candidate Number) Supervisor: Jonathan Jones Session: May 2015 Word Count: Citation Style: Chicago Abstract: Table of Contents Page 1 Title Page 2 Abstract 3 Table of Contents 4 Introduction 5 “Not since the Titanic ran into that iceberg has there been such a collision as when Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable burst upon…

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  • The Next Hundred Million America Summary

    In the book “The Next Hundred Million – America in 2050” author Joel Kotkin predicts the future outcome of America compared to other countries around the world. According to him “The Next Hundred Million is not a story of power brokers, policy disputes, or media perceptions. Rather, it is an inquiry into the evolution of cities, towns, and neighborhoods, and of industries, churches, and families, both in newly emerging regions and in venerable old ones.” While reading this book my thoughts and…

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  • Real Estate Development In South Korea

    When thinking of South Korea it is difficult to change the overall image that the media has painted of the southern half of the peninsula. What first comes to mind, is there ferocious neighbor and enemy just north of the 38th parallel. However, what some fail to realize about South Korea is their monumental break throughs in real estate development and technology. Just south of one of the most populated cities in the world, lies a new and upcoming development with the name Songdo International…

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  • Segregation And Racism In Chicago

    On Monday, September 21, the themes that stood out for me was segregation and racism in Chicago. For example, the neighborhoods are segregated in such a way that minorities are kept out from prosperous neighborhoods and have fewer resources available to them. This means that Latino and African American minorities have less wealth and prosperity to excel in school or in the job market. For that reason, this reminds me of my own experience of how my high school was neglected, due to the majority…

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  • Chicago Slums Analysis

    Here, the boys could be children. They could let their imaginations run wild and they could just take a break from the horrible life they have waiting at home. Lafeyette and Pharoah are a part of large family living in the Chicago projects. Their mother, Lajoe, has eight children; the three older ones have slowly fallen off the deep end, but the five younger have a chance to do good. Lajoe takes great pride in her children and does everything she can to raise them to be upstanding citizens and…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Scarface: Shame Of A Nation

    The American gangster has always been viewed as an integral icon in American entertainment, from its beginning in classic Hollywood films such as Scarface: Shame of a Nation and on into present day films such as Good fellas. However, there is one important point one must take into account when discussing the great American mobster film, and that is the historical accuracy of the film when it is in reference to a real life gangster. Many mob movies feature characters who strike a quite startling…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Five Senses Of Chicago

    I have been a Chicago resident for 18 years , In which is now known as the windy city . the things I love about Chicago is that it still amazes me to this day .However .there are some things, I dislike and really wish that it didn’t happen in this city. There are five senses hearing, smelling, touching seeing,and taste. The five senses are vital and are respiratory sensory organs needed to respond or communicate with others effectively. These senses are developed as a new birth in the…

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  • Planned Parenthood Political Analysis

    Likewise, Richard Hanna posted his reasoning against the bill shortly after the vote. According to this post, Mr. Hanna doesn’t believe in abortion, yet he believed that defunding Planned Parenthood wouldn’t bring abortions to a halt. Instead, he said that for this to happen, it will take a combination of laws, education and, access to birth control to eradicate the procedure (Why I Voted No on H.R.314, 2015). Congressman Hanna cited many statistics on Planned Parenthood, and said that he stands…

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