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  • Narrative Essay On My Big Move

    other than his picture online. I know you can post any picture you want. I thought he was gorgeous in those pictures. He pulls up at the gas station about three minutes after I got there. He is this tall 5’10”, gorgeous in the face, light brown hair, brown eyed man, that bends down to me in my car and says, “Hi, how are you? Are you ready to go back to my house; it is out in the country a little ways?” I knew when he leaned into my car, that he was the one for me. I know he is very…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sparkle

    Everyone has that one thing in life they enjoy doing. For me that is spending time with my horse, Sparkle. I could spend hours with her every day. I look at Sparkle as my best friend more than I look at her as a horse. So, the day I jumped on her bareback I thought nothing of it. Sometimes even simple decision like that are the ones that you have to pay for. What I find important is that you are always learning from those decisions. Even today I am still learning from that decision even if it…

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  • Spreading The American Dream By Emily Rosenberg: Chapter Analysis

    The first chapter of Spreading the American Dream by Emily Rosenberg focuses mainly on the American economic and cultural expansion of 1890 to 1945, with the help of liberal-developmentalism. Rosenberg opens up the chapter discussing the Columbian exposition in Chicago of 1893, and provides multiple examples of how it displayed America’s progressive advancements. The exhibitors of the exposition proudly displayed all the wonderful advancements the country had made so far, flaunting America’s…

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  • Reflective Essay: Cleveland's Failure In A Small Town

    He threw it to me of all people. Maybe it was my red cap with the letter “I” on it or my jersey, buttoned tight against my stomach, that boasted a portrait of Chief Wahoo across the chest. Or maybe it was the way my red and blue stood out in the sea of black and white and my gaping, toothy smile was louder than any shout; it was my arm that beckoned forcefully for the ball or my eyes that begged. I was so surprised that I almost dropped it back on the field. I attributed their loss in the next…

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  • Essay On Hawaii Animals

    Hawaii. A ravishing bizarre tropical paradise with sceneries you would die to look at. If you love to be in a tropical paradise, Hawaii is the place to go to. Sadly, Hawaii has lost plenty of its native animals and plants over the years.This problem occurred when invasive species came to Hawaii around the 1780’s. Invasive species is a term they call animals, plants, and other organisms that do not belong in this specific area. They did a lot of harm to the native plants and animals that lots…

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  • 4 Types Of Football Fans

    The down on their luck fans can never seem to catch a break. These fans consist of Cleveland Browns fans, Miami Dolphins fans, and Buffalo Bills fans. These fans are by far the most annoying, always counting how many touchdowns their team needs to come back even when it’s clear there is no hope and acting like every play of every game is make or…

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  • Chastity's Short Story: The Vietnam War

    Chastity laid the journal on her lap when she heard the tiny footsteps of her daughter, and then the screen door creak open. Patience was carrying her doll Sue by the arm, her light golden brown hair slightly ruffled from where she had slept on it. Wide eyed and grinning, she quickly ran over to the small table, and then dropped to her knees in front of the jar. “Mommy watch the roly-roly baby buggies?” asked Patience, as she brushed a few strands of hair from her face. “Yes, sweetie, I did,”…

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  • Frederick Douglass And Christianity Analysis

    Frederick Douglass had strong views on Christianity. Frederick spoke about many slaveholders who were religious and used it to be barbaric. Captain Thomas Auld, one of Douglass’s masters, attended a church in Maryland and became a “pious” man, who used his new religion, Christianity, to be even more vicious and brutal towards his slaves. He believed that if a slave master was a man of Christianity he was automatically more full of hate towards slaves than a non-religious slaveholder. “...I,…

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  • Narrative Essay About My Audition

    My audition for the film went pretty well today. It felt so nice to go in and not be a nervous wreck. I felt unusually confident because I really had no expectations. I just thought, "What the hell? Why not?" I didn 't even rehearse my song beforehand. Usually I am very diligent about rehearsing a song for an upcoming audition and as I listen to myself I start feeling like I must be crazy for thinking that I ever imagined that I could sing. My throat gets all constricted, I can 't hit the…

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  • Higher Education Case Study

    In the last century there has been major changes to higher education. “Going to university, an experience confined to less than 2% of 18-year olds before the Second World War, is now almost a rite of passage for a third of young people in the UK. The present government aims to see half of all 18-30 year olds experiencing some form of higher education.”(Anon, 2015) As early as 1939 there was only 39 universities in Britain and a small number of 50,000 students attended. This was because…

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