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  • Essay Comparing Frederick Douglass And Malcolm X

    Would it be possible to say that literacy can liberate someone, just like it did with Douglass and Malcolm? Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X were two African American men whom struggled in becoming literate. Frederick Douglass from the “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”narrates how he struggled on learning how to read and write, being an slave and having such limited sources, Douglass tells the reader how his mistress, Mrs. Auld taught him the letters of the…

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  • Dr Jeffrey Wigand Essay

    Dr. Jeffrey Wigand was born in New York City in 1942 and now resides in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Currently Dr. Wigand travels the world lecturing and acting as an expert witness and doing consultant work on tobacco issues. However, his heart lies with his non-profit organization Smoke-Free Kids, Inc. He feels it is his obligation to concentrate as much energy as possible helping children of all ages to “make better decisions and healthy choices regarding tobacco use.” (Wigand) Dr. Wigand holds…

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  • John Brown Research Paper

    Brigham Bishop said about John Brown after he was hanged for his abolitionist actions. John Brown was an Militant extremists abolitionist who is famous for his actions before the Civil War and to some, being the one who started and caused the war. Abolitionist in the north think as him as a godlike figure, while people in the south think as him as an awful person. He helped with the Underground Railroad and was a boost morale for north. The background of John Brown is not known by many, but his…

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  • James Brown: The Godfather Of Soul

    book, James Brown the Godfather of Soul, he states “I wasn’t supposed to be James. I wasn’t supposed to be Brown. And I wasn’t supposed to be alive.” (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) In Barnell, South Carolina in a one room shack on May 3, 1933, James Joe Brown Jr. was born. (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) From the very beginning, Brown’s life had various struggles from his mother leaving to his father’s gambling habit. (Brown & Tucker, pg.4-7) Despite his father’s gambling habit, Brown…

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  • Ryea Rouge Grace Rose Character Analysis

    A pin in a hay bail Cast of characters Ryea Rouge Grace Rose 1. Ryea has messy brown hair that is always swept into a braid, she has freckles peppered across her beautiful pale skin, and her ever-changing color eyes are very cool. 2. She is usually happy or at least pretends to be, only her closest friends can really tell. When Ryea was in 4th grade she was stolen from the Kahrye village and forced into the harsh school where you are trained as guard, watcher, combat trainer, emperor,…

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  • Examples Of Punishment In Nightjohn

    Slavery is known to be a dark part in U.S. history, but why should people lie about what clearly happened? Slavery is the practice of forcing people, specifically African Americans, to do labor for an owner on his or her plantation. In the novel, NightJohn, Sarny secretly starts to learn to read and write despite the risks of getting discovered. Although Gary Paulsen’s novel, NightJohn, is considered historical fiction, Paulsen accurately depicts their support between each other, their…

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  • Creative Writing: Deadman's Paradise

    There is an eerie, small town that seems to have come straight out of a horror story. This horrific town known as Deadman’s Paradise is always gloomy, sullen in the same way grim. It’s as if this town has never been visited by the sun. The only sources of outside light in the entire town are street lamps that constantly flicker. Most of the town residents stay inside their whole life besides occasional trips to the local grocery store. Any travelers passing by this town are given the impression…

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  • Social Injustice's Princess Diana As A Social Activist

    day help create change. Her family was well acquainted by the royal family and in 1977, she was sought after to become Prince Charles future spouse. The couple received much attention from the media, for the public was intrigued by the seemingly odd pairing. Lady Diana Spencer became Diana, Princess of Wales on July 29, 1981 after her marriage was finalized to Prince Charles. The fairytale of a wedding and happily ever after did not last long after the couple's divorce was announced in 1992.…

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  • Analysis Of Sartre's Philosophy Of Freedom

    Sartre is well known for his work in developing existential thought. The question being addressed in this paper is one that asks what Sartre meant by a “monstrous freedom.” In other words, in terms of existentialism, what did this idea of freedom have to do with the way in which human behavior is explained? In order to understand Sartre’s idea of existentialism, then this question of monstrous freedom must be addressed. One author wrote, “there is an infinite gap between the past and the…

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  • The Inheritor And Side Bet Analysis

    Stories about survival have been popular since, virtually, the beginning of time, as survival is the most important and primitive aspect of human lives. It is the force that drove our evolution and refined us to our current stature today, so it is no surprise that we are amused by tales of robust endurance against the most severe circumstances. The stories The Inheritor and Side Bet are two prime examples of our fascination with these types of tales, but, when comparing the two stories of…

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