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  • Vision Statement Essay: What Makes You Happy?

    It’s funny when you think about it. Everybody has a vision statement. Everybody has something that they hold to their core that makes them tick. I know for me when I see a vision statement I think of a business and what makes them tick. I know that you might say a business has a mission statement, but I look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture like a business and a person a vision statement clearly state what they believe and who they are as a person and a business. Me being a simple…

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  • English Fairy Tale Research Paper

    English Fairy tale Once upon a time, in a far away castle, where the peasants and the royalty were close, and the animals were friends of the humans, a king and a queen were leaving happier than ever with their 3 princes. It was well known by everyone around the village that princesses, queens, kings or other majesty figures, always had blond hair which was a symbol of royalty, magnificence and dignity. One day, the queen, who was known for her endless generosity and had the kindness of an…

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  • Essay On Harriet Tubman

    Indicator 4-6.2: Explain the contributions of abolitionists to the mounting tensions between the North and South over slavery, including William Lloyd Garrison, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and John Brown. Grade 4 Dance Standards 3: Understand dance as a way to create and communicate meaning. Objectives: 1. The student will be able to (TSWBA) explain and communicate the emotions and contributions of Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist, in the mounting…

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  • Analysis Of Margaret Atwood's Letter To America

    America is criticized by many people who live around that area for many negative factors brings to life. As mentioned in a Letter to America, Margaret Atwood she states how America is criticized by having dirt water in people’s showers and how America has such a sloppy behavior. Atwood does not talk about the good positive things about America and men and women can disagree that America has negative factors by talking about the positive factors America brings out to them. People can enjoy the…

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  • Xion Caelum: A Short Story

    It was a warm summer day. The perfect weather for ice cream, Xion Caelum thought to herself. Then again, it was always perfect weather for ice cream. This time, she had an excuse to get it. Settled on treating herself, Xion quickly gathered her things to prepare to leave; her Moogle shaped coin bag, her new Key 3 phone (already cracked from an accidental trip), and her keys. Xion examined herself in the mirror; her coal black hair was messy and greasy, but she simply pulled it back in a…

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  • Killbear Park Research Paper

    His significant tombstone, in which indicates he is buried with his son Alfred claims he drowned and the body never found on October 4, 1882. However, he appears in the 1891 census! Could it be the tombstone should have 1892 instead? And then there is the other story about how he died — by being killed by a bear north of Parry Sound resulting in naming Killbear Park after the bear. (The naming of this park, from Killbear Point, is more likely named from the Objiwe Mukwa-Nayosh meaning 'Bear…

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  • The Frog In The Well Analysis

    I am Italian, Irish, French, British, I also have a bit of Native American in me. Even though I am all these things, I have almost no idea how to speak Italian, or French I don 't know where my ancestors were located or really anything about my heritage besides how to cook Italian meals. The only place I have been is the United States and only 4 States Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Florida. I relate to the story of "The Frog in the Well" because I have no experience of my own culture…

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  • I Want To Become A Nurse

    was to come as I was sitting on the not so comfortable bed in the immunization room. Time went by painfully slow as I waited for the nurse to come in with her tray of needles. Finally we heard a knock on the door and in came a short lady with light brown hair tied up in a high ponytail. She introduced herself then came over to me and asked if I was ready. I had said no and she laughed then looked at me and said, “Do not worry, it’ll be very quick you probably won’t even feel a thing.” Right as…

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  • Death By Freedom John Brown Analysis

    Death by Freedom: The Story Of John Brown It was the dreadful time in history in which our country was tearing apart because of slavery. During the 19th century there were numerous individuals that stood up for justice and liberty, but there was one in particular that brought great controversy and skeptical feelings to our nation. This iconic figure in American history faced hardships in his lifetime, was part of “Bloody Kansas,” planned the raid in Harpers Ferry, supported other movements,…

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  • Fast Food For Me Research Paper

    Most of the meals I ate were from a box. Some came from a bag and others from my father. Whenever I had to cook food, it would turn out burnt and tasting like a pile of dirty socks. To avoid my horrible tasting food, I decided to use other methods to feed myself. Most of my lunches at school were from some sort of fast food restaurant. There were some days when I tried to eat healthier and not eat at the very convenient Jack in the Box, but restaurant food can only be so healthy. I was content…

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