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  • Proposal On Climate Change

    Introduction Climate change, we learn about this in school but is what we are learning helping us understand climate change. We need to understand how it is actually affecting us in a more real world examples. Most people don’t believe in climate change. Their needs to be data and information accessible for people to understand what climate change is and how to fix or slow down the problem. It affects us in many way we don’t think about. I can affect us in the economy, agriculture, plants and…

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  • What Is Climate Change?

    It is extremely crucial to understand what exactly climate change is and how big of a concern it is before proceeding to talking about the drastic change of the Himalayas that’s being caused by the same. What is Climate change? The climate change phenomenon refers to seasonal changes over a long period with respect to the growing accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Tackling this phenomenon is of utmost importance given the pivotal role that climate plays in the formation of…

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  • Wildlife Climate Change

    important member of the ecosystem, the rise and fall of its population will affect the stability of the ecosystem of its existence. Global Climate Change The vast geographical, has led to far-reaching effects of wildlife severely affected. From polar to equatorial tropics, from the ocean to the inland. Everywhere Display The signs of change, these changes have attracted the attention of many scientists. And its extensive research. Climate and composition in different regions Variations also made…

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  • Canada Climate Change

    thirty-six-year-old record for the warmest Christmas Eve to date. Climate change can be characterized by long term changes in weather conditions, including shifts in temperature, precipitation and extreme weather events. Human induced climate change was discovered after the industrial revolution. This is when scientists noticed the warming of the atmosphere, through the greenhouse effect. Clear evidence of the costs of climate change can be found in increased temperatures, rising sea levels,…

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  • Arctic Environmental Changes

    "We need to save the Arctic not because of the polar bears, and not because it is the most beautiful place in the world, but because our very survival depends upon it" (Lewis Gordon Pugh). Anthropogenic contamination and change of the Arctic has been an issue for human civilization for many years, however many people do not believe that humans are the cause of such a difference in this once pristine environment. The activity of humans is primarily responsible for global warming, however, this…

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  • Climate Change In The Oceans

    be living in Wisconsin,” Kelly stated. According to a report issued by the Pentagon, climate change is an “urgent and growing threat to our national security.” The report also stated that global climate change would have wide-ranging implications for National Security because it will intensify existing problems such as poverty, social tensions, and environmental degradation. Already, climate change is creating problems for the United States, according to an article by the Wall Street Journal…

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  • Ethics And Climate Change

    In recent years, researchers, governments, and scientists have been rapidly discussing the effects of global climate change and its accelerated environmental impacts on present and future generations. This information has led to joint international cooperation aimed at educating society as well as solving cultural barriers related to climate change. This action seeks to promote ethical and moral principles as solutions. However, it is important to understand that many international organizations…

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  • Ocean Climate Change

    The effects of climate change are felt across the world with temperatures rising and snow and ice being less apparent in colder countries. The effects of climate change are prominent on the outside, however, what many people fail to realize is that it affects the ocean too, temperatures are rising and not only that but the ocean chemistry is changing as well due to increased amounts of carbon dioxide dissolving into the ocean. This leads to several complications in the coral reef ecosystems. The…

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  • Causes Of Climate Change

    Climate change is a global-scale atmospheric externality. It is an issue that must be understood and addressed globally. Environmental trends based on scientific and observed studies have shown an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, an increase of the Earth’s surface and ocean temperature causing a decline in sea ice, and more prevalent extreme weather patterns- all due to human influence. However, trying to understand each of these trends separately will not fully explain the causes…

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  • Lewin's Model Of Organizational Change

    Organizational change is regarded as complex and multi-dimensioned and hence, a variation of change models is suggested such as Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model, McKinsey 7-S Model, Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model. Among them, Lewin’s is one of the most widely-applied and influential models of change. It describes the planned approach to changes, using the analogy of water and ice to represent the process in three steps – unfreezing, moving (changing) and refreezing (Burnes, 2007). According…

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