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  • Male-Female Relationships In The Great Gatsby Analysis

    We are all familiar with the fairy tale ending,“they lived happily ever after” where the characters, after all their hardships, live a cheerful and fulfilled life. However, F Scott Fitzgerald goes against the idea that all stories should end with a happy ending. The Great Gatsby follows the main character Nick, and his life in New York. There, Nick gets entangled in the affairs of those around him. In Fitzgerald’s novel, there is no such thing as a happy relationship, thereby creating a…

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  • Creative Story: The Great Gatsby

    I experienced countless emotions all at the same time. I was overwhelmed and for a moment, speechless. I suddenly I realized why. I saw him. Jay Gatsby, soaking wet with his hands in his pockets, looking pale and nervous. I took a moment to comprehend what was going on. Gatsby trudged into the living-room, leaving a path of droplets of water on Nick’s hardwood floor. I followed him, trying to…

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  • Analysis Of Jay Gatsby: Representation Of The American Dream

    activities , that 's how Gatsby got rich. Jay Gatsby was the representation of the American dream. Gatsby was a real passionate man who chased his dreams , and would stop at nothing to fulfill them. Even if it meant being a criminal. He was chasing his vision of the American dream since he was young. Fitzgerald, F. Scott, and Matthew J. Bruccoli. The Great Gatsby. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print. He was chasing after Daisy since he was young also. So why was Jay Gatsby representation of the American…

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  • Synthesis Essay: The Great Gatsby

    F. Scott Fitzgerald, represents the theme that the American dream is no longer achievable. Happiness eludes those who only want more because as new things arise the temptation is always there, to be one step ahead of everyone else and have it all. Jay Gatsby represents the constant striving to capture something that a person believes will finally make them happy. He wants Daisy, his love from long ago that was supposed to wait for him. However, she was swept away by another man, Tom, who had…

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  • Organized Crime In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    during the Prohibition era in 1920 to 1933. People wanted alcohol at a time where alcohol wasn’t to be legally served. ‘public benefactors’ such as Jay Gatsby were willing and able to capitalize from this market. Though organized criminals aren’t only an American problem, many of them can be tied with the American Dream of “becoming successful”. Jay Gatsby, like many gangsters of his time, dressed extravagantly and threw big parties to flaunt his ‘hard-earned’ wealth and to try to make a…

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  • Great Gatsby Research Paper

    "It makes me sad because I 've never seen such – such beautiful shirts before” (Fitzgerald 98). In the The Great Gatsby, the titular character, Jay Gatsby holds tightly to an illusion that compromises his gaudy lifestyle and leads to his demise. As genuine as Gatsby’s façade seems to be, the dogmatic antagonist, Tom Buchanan suspects that it is an alter ego and sets out to reveal to everyone that…

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  • Dishonesty In Gatsby

    repeatedly withheld information from his peers in important scenarios. Jay Gatsby, the man Nick follows in the story, much more blatantly…

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  • A Raisin In The Sun And The Great Gatsby Analysis

    the American Dream except it is in two contrasting ways. While Walter Younger struggles to make ends meet and provide for his family , Jay Gatsby throws lavish parties and lives in a voluminous mansion in West Egg. Through exploring both of these book 's you find differences due to not just wealth but also race, time period , and opportunities. In The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby is trying to fall in love again with Daisy Buchanan but his efforts are cut short by her husband, Tom Buchanan. However in…

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  • Theme Of Blind In The Great Gatsby

    Helen Keller once said, “The only thing that is worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” This could relate to The Great Gatsby because there are many characters in the book that are able to see but are blinded by things in life. Some of these characters include Gatsby, a man-made coming of wealth that is blinded by love. There is also Daisy, a women of old-money who thought she was in-love but is driven by money. Although Gatsby, Daisy and The Wilsons are blinded by some form of…

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  • The Great Gatsby Displays His View Of Women Being Inferior

    Gatsby people often think of the roaring twenties and the glittering lifestyles of the characters, but they often overlook the obvious submissiveness of the women in this novel. In The Great Gatsby the reader listens to a story about the great man, Jay Gatsby, who chases after a mirage of this weak woman named Daisy. This novel ends in the failure of Gatsby and the reckless Daisy the way she was before reconnecting with him, as well as Tom no longer having an affair with the deceased Myrtle…

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