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  • The Great Gatsby Influences

    This break from tradition is chronicled in the lives of Fitzgerald's protagonists Amory Blaine, Anthony and Gloria Patch, and most notably by Jay Gatsby's next door neighbor, Nick Carraway. Fitzgerald manages to incorporate numerous hallmarks of this decade into his novels. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby owns many newly invented cars, which were then seen as a sign of wealth and status. Jazz music began to thrive as the, what was then considered, high-tech, radio played…

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  • Examples Of Gender Stereotypes In Some Like It Hot

    Some like It Hot is a romantic comedy film directed and produced by Billy Wilder and the film was set in 1929The film is centered on two musicians who are dressed in drag with the aim of eluding from mafia criminals since they accidentally witness a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre the two are on the run. The film is noteworthy for characterizing cross dressing, and for playing with the notion of homosexuality, as well as portraying gender stereotypes. Some like It Hot offers view on gender…

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  • Donald Trump Narcissistic Personality Disorder Analysis

    Donald Trump shows many characteristics that resemble a narcissist. But is he a narcissist or someone with a narcissistic personality disorder? A narcissist is someone who is in love with him or her self. A person with narcissistic personality disorder is “conceited, boastful, or pretentious.” They view other people as inferior to them and treat them accordingly. Those with narcissistic personality disorder desire the best of the best, for instance; an extravagant vehicle or a prestigious home…

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  • Transformation In The Great Gatsby And The Glass Menagerie

    individual to transform him or herself-to be self-made”. All three texts portray personal transformation as the process of breaking free from society’s expectations towards the self-made aspiration of a more contented identity. Fitzgerald presents Jay Gatsby as being restricted by the class system and the corrupted ideas of the American dream, which convinces Gatsby that his ideal happiness is dependent on the mass accumulation of wealth: his transformation is therefore based on external…

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  • This Side Of Paradise Amory Blaine Analysis

    Family and love can be one of the most cherish able feelings in life for anyone, but mostly for Amory Blaine. In the novel This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Amory Blaine has gone through many stages of love and loss. This man is the protagonist of this novel; he is an attractive Princeton University student who enjoys the art of literature. Amory explores the theme of love and social status. This title is significant because of his happiness, the love he feels and the sadness he…

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  • Great Gatsby Reflection

    In the novel, The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I noticed a section within the text in which I was able to form a connection. In this specific section, Jay Gatsby has asked Jordan Baker to pose a question to Nick Carraway. Gatsby would like Nick to organize a tea at his home, invite Daisy, and allow for Gatsby to appear without Daisy’s previous knowledge of his invitation to the tea. As I was reading, I had not questioned the authenticity of Gatsby’s and Nick’s friendship until…

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  • Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Essay Questions

    In the non-fiction book “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,” by Douglas Adams, there are two men, who search for the question to the answer they already have. As they journey through space and worlds they come to a realization that they have already found the question to their answer. Is life like this, do we ask ourselves the answer even though we already have the question? Could there be multiple questions for the same answer? Indeed, anything we ever contemplated of that we think is important…

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  • Mary Pickford Historical Background

    In the early days of Hollywood when everything was just coming together actors and actresses were adored by fans and they all seemed to put them on pedestals. Two such film actors were a much admired couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. When they got married and went to London, England for their honeymoon on June 21, 1920 they were greeted by lots of admiring fans. Since 1919 Pickford and Fairbanks had been business partners who got together with Charlie Chaplin and director D.W. Griffith…

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  • Theme Of Wealth In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

    HOW IS THE THEME OF WEALTH PRESENTED THROUGHOUT THE INSPECTOR CALLS? Priestley presents the theme of wealth from the very beginning of the play. Straight away we as an audience are introduced to the immediate setting- the Birling’s family dining room. Everything about this lavish room implies wealth, from the “good solid furniture”, to the cut glass, and to the opulent surroundings. Even the family’s needs are catered to in the form of the practically invisible Edna, and undoubtedly other…

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  • The Outsider Book Analysis

    The Outsider book is an excellent book to read and is easily relatable. The book has all four types of conflict, however, the two main ones discussed below are man vs. man and man vs. self. Both conflicts are present more than once throughout the book which makes the book all the more interesting to read. Below are examples of both types of conflicts in the book. In the book, Ponyboy and Darry aren't that close. Ponyboy thinks that Darry doesn't care about him. Because Darry wants a lot more…

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