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The Summary of The Great Gatsby
The book “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is all about the romance between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan all the while being narrated by Nick Carraway. Gatsby is the main character along with Daisy. Nick moved to New York to become a sales person after World War one to take a job as a bond salesman. Nick was convinced to move into a house At West Egg, Long Island, where he would soon meet Jay Gatsby. Last minute Nick was bailed on and moved in by himself, feeling lonely he went to go see his cousin Daisy Buchanan and his old Yale colleague who married his cousin, Tom Buchanan. He meets one of Daisy’s friends at the house, a famous gold player, Jordan Baker. After a long day at the Buchanan’s house he
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Gatsby manages to steal Daisy and wonder off for a short time to talk to each other. The nigh continues, Gatsby is interrupted and has to go deal with business and before he knows it the night is over. As the summer progresses even more the Gatsby’s and Daisy’s affair grows and start to see each other more and more everyday in secrecy. One very hot summer day, the Buchanan’s Nick, Gatsby, and Baker all have lunch together. After lunch they all go to the city but Daisy has had enough of hiding, she makes it clear that she loves Gatsby and all in the same moment Tom learns that his mistress is leaving out west because her husband wasn’t doing well. Things turn for the worse. They come to a hotel and all drink. The truth comes out, Gatsby wants Daisy to admit she never loved Tom, when she is unable to do that, Gatsby proclaims that she is leaving Tom. Tom is so confident that she will not leave him that he tells Daisy and Gatsby to go home. On the way home though Gatsby in a way ends his own life. On the way home Daisy had ran over Myrtle by mistake in Gatsby’s car. From the questions Nick asked he was able to learn that Gatsby wasn’t the one the had ran over the mistress. After a long day Nick returns home.
The following day, George, is so angry that he seeks vengeance, he goes out to find who killed his wife. The search leads to the Gatsby house where he murders Gatsby then kills himself. Nick plans Gatsby’s funeral,
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F. Scott Fitzgerald got his first book published called the “This Side of Paradise.” A week later he went back for Zelda and married her. This would be the start of his romantic tragedy. His book was a hit, but to keep making money he had wrote stories for the Saturday Evening post. In his lifetime he wrote about 160 stories for magazines. Fitzgerald felt as though he could do better than what he was doing now, better then being a story in the magazine, he thought he could become bigger. He was right sadly he wasn’t alive long enough to see his work become famous world wide. Around the year 1920 Fitzgerald and his wife moved to New York. The same year he published his second novel called the “The Beautiful and the Damned” and it didn’t make much

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