Short Summary Of The Great Gatsby

The Summary of The Great Gatsby
The book “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is all about the romance between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan all the while being narrated by Nick Carraway. Gatsby is the main character along with Daisy. Nick moved to New York to become a sales person after World War one to take a job as a bond salesman. Nick was convinced to move into a house At West Egg, Long Island, where he would soon meet Jay Gatsby. Last minute Nick was bailed on and moved in by himself, feeling lonely he went to go see his cousin Daisy Buchanan and his old Yale colleague who married his cousin, Tom Buchanan. He meets one of Daisy’s friends at the house, a famous gold player, Jordan Baker. After a long day at the Buchanan’s house he returns home.
Tom invites Nick to accompany him for the day, he meets Tom’s mistress, Mrtyle Wilson. Myrtle Wilson lives in a repair shop with her husband George Wilson. George is unaware that Myrtle is cheating on him with Tom but Daisy knew deep down what was going on. They go on to party and get drunk for the day with some friends. Towards the end of the night Tom and Myrtle get into a heated argument and in the heat of the moment Tom breaks her nose.
Nick turns his attention to the Gatsby mansion next to him that throws these magnificent parties every weekend. He
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Fitzgerald could’ve stayed with the Saturday night post but didn’t. Although he was being paid enough he felt as though there was more that could be done. He wanted to become more successful in his literary career. Gatsby wanted the same however the way both people achieve their reputations is different. Gatsby became the student of a rich mentor who treated Gatsby like a son. After his mentor passed away the riches were passed onto Gatsby. Fitzgerald wrote a book that became famous that gave him money and got him the girl he had always loved which leads me to another

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