What Is The Epiphany Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is to be able to make life better than where the person is emigrating. To change the path their past life lead to, the American Dream became the opportunity for everyone to make a new life for himself or herself by having the chance to get a job. Fitzgerald views the American dream as something that is long gone and long since forgotten. He defines it as a dream that was just that, a dream. In the Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby was the epiphany of a failed American dream. He wanted his true love, Daisy Buchanan, to show that she was in love with him as much as he is with her. She is unable to show her true feelings for him because of her “hierarchy” position she is in. “Gatsby, like the West Eggers, lacks the traditions of the …show more content…
While they see the American Dream as what one can make of it, Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby cannot seem to achieve what he wanted even when he secured a rather successful business and a large sum of money. At a certain point In the Great Gatsby, he self-concluded that would be an appropriate choice to steal Daisy Buchanan’s love by revealing her love for him that he believed would be able to erase the divide of the “West Egg” and “East Egg” mentality. Alas, this was the very thing that was incredulously hindering to both he and Daisy. Gatsby discovered the true standards of Daisy’s love and Daisy discovered the strength that her love and affection had on those around her. Though, as many blinded by simple things as those, the East Egg lifestyle is not much to boast about either. As we find in the story that Daisy’s husband proves that status does not make a difference as, “Like the West Eggers, East Eggers have not obtained the American Dream either. Tom is rich and has a beautiful wife and on the outside it looks like he has the perfect life. The only problem is that he cheats on his wife with Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle 's husband, George, loves her, but she is a money chaser. She says, "I thought he was a gentleman . . . but he wasn 't fit to lick my shoe . . . he borrowed somebody 's best suit to get married in . . . " She couldn 't appreciate the fact that George was working hard to provide for her. She just wanted money and found it in a relationship with a married man.” (American Dream). There are no actual perfect people, nor is there a perfect life. There is simply an idea of perfection and in the Great Gatsby; given the title: East

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