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  • Voice In Najmah's Home By Margaret Atwood

    (AGG) "A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together. - Margaret Atwood” (Adams) is a quote is very appropriate for this novel, as throughout the book, the character Najmah’s voice changes drastically throughout the book. (BS-1) The loss of her family members drove Najmah’s voice to develop, but eventually leads to her losing it. (BS-2) Her journey with Akhtar allowed her time to grieve, and time to…

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  • Conceptual Knowledge Vs Procedural Knowledge Analysis

    Although conceptual and procedural knowledge cannot always be separated, it is useful to distinguish between the two types of knowledge to better understand knowledge development. First consider conceptual knowledge. A concept is ‘an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances’ (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 2012). Knowledge of concepts is often referred to as conceptual knowledge (e.g. Byrnes & Wasik, 1991; Canobi, 2009; Rittle-Johnson, Siegler, & Alibali, 2001).…

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  • Proposition 227: Dominant Language Ideology

    Proposition 227, three language ideologies, dominant language ideology, monoglot language ideology, and standard language ideology are present. Dominant language ideology corresponds to the idea that certain sets of presuppositions about a language might be specific to that certain language from others and are to be above the other languages, mainly used by the people of power (Hauck, Lecture; 11/9/2017). For example, in Proposition 227 it states that, “The English spoken by the…

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  • Why Do Babies Start Talking

    When do Babies Start Talking? For any parent, the progress and development that their baby makes is very important because each parent wants to see their child grow and develop well. There are various signs that show that the baby is growing well and developing as supposed to. A parent will always look forward to his or her baby’s first step and will long to hear the baby’s first word. These mark an important milestone in a baby’s life because they indicate that the baby is developing well not…

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  • Neil Smith And Deidre Wilson's What Is A Language

    in which we communicate to one another: language in its diverse forms. In “What is a Language?” the authors Neil Smith and Deidre Wilson and establish their perspective of language being governed by rule-systems. With the density of the subject, languages have three research approaches: how it is used as a form of communication, by social groups, and the ways in which language is an organism that changes through time. As a prerequisite to judging languages to one another, an individual must be…

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  • Inflectional Meaning Strategies

    The mini-lesson will focus on decoding strategy and structural analysis for word endings: ed and ing (inflectional suffixes). TS needs to learn about context clues and the meaning clues the word itself might contain. He must understand that inflectional endings (-ed and -ing) reflect the time at which events occurred and they change the meaning of the word in a sentence. Lesson Steps: 1. Introduce the concept that is going to be taught by reading some parts of the picture book Dooby Dooby Moo…

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  • Balance The Dualistic Nature Of The Troy Maxon Character

    Tiffany Francis March 7, 2018 English Fences Questions Prompt 3. Balance the dualistic nature of the Troy Maxon character. In the book “Fences” Troy presented two characteristics based on how he was feeling at the moment. During the book Troy showed he was a responsible man who placed his priorities first but he also proved he was a very insincere man. Once he did what he was supposed to as a man he doubted his child and betrayed his wife. Troy was responsible because he…

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  • Knowledge Building Cycle Plan

    I am creating this lesson for my 7th Grade Reading Class; there are 15-20 students per class period. I currently, do not have any EL students in my classroom; however, I do have a range of student abilities in my classroom. About 15% of my student body qualifies for special education. As a result, using the knowledge-building cycle would benefit all my students. Therefore, this is why I am creating this knowledge-building cycle plan to incorporate in my actual classroom. Identify a list of…

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  • Code Switching Case Study

    The case of mixing languages can be seen in a lot of bilingual speakers. Take myself for example, I was born in Taiwan and I started learning English in a very young age. I found myself mixing my languages since I was really little. For me personally, I think the reason I mix my languages is because I think the language I choose to use can best serve me needs. Sometimes I cannot find a word or even a saying in Mandarin that has the accurate meaning of what I am trying to say in English and vice…

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  • Frayer Model Of Vocabulary

    English learners often struggle with the academic demands of content literacy and vocabulary. English learners face the challenge of learning English while simultaneously learning academic vocabulary. Teachers struggle with meeting the unique language needs of English Learners. The problem is illustrated when a student can divide 6 by 3 to find the answer, but cannot do the same task when asked to find the quotient for 6 divided by 3. An understanding of math vocabulary is important to the…

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