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  • Bernie Madoff Case Study

    Despite five significant investigations against Bernie Madoff between 1992 and 2006, regulator lawyers for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) produced lackluster efforts and results to prevent Madoff from conducting financial fraud that robbed many individuals, charities, non-profit organization, and educational institutions of their entrusted and invested funds (Shafritz, Russell, & Borick, 2013). In essence it was the SEC that enabled Madoff to further build his Ponzi scheme, which…

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  • Taxi Driver Thesis

    Taxi Driver is a 1976 movie directed by Martin Scorsese, produced by Julia and Michael Phillips, music by Bernard Hermann. With a great plot and engage music Travis Bickle the main character of story, a , is a lonely and a depressed 26-year-old living in New York City. He is a taxi driver with his chronic insomnia, driving passengers every night around the city. Travis feel in love with Betsy, a campaign volunteer for Senator and presidential candidate Charles Palantine. Travis succeeds in…

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  • Summary Of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme

    Bernard Madoff took notes from the Ponzi scheme originator, Charles Ponzi, by creating an investment Ponzi scheme. At the start of his career, Madoff was a broker who legally purchased and sold non-listed stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, soon he and his brother developed a technology that aided them in the competitive investment industry. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was a continuous process of acquiring new investors’ funds, to pay the old investors’ promised 10-15% return on investments; all…

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  • Forgery In The Holy Land Ossuary Quotes

    “Fake it ‘til you make it” sadly doesn’t always work, especially when what’s being faked is Jesus’s brother’s ossuary. “Unholy Business: A True Tale of Faith, Greed and Forgery in the Holy Land” by Nina Burleigh was published in 2008, describes the journey and struggle of validating this ossuary. James Ossuary is the main focus of this book, and all of the experts and millionaires that want to have it in their collection. The story of the discovery, travel, and testing of the ossuary is told…

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  • Suffering And Happiness In The Natural By Bernard Mallamud

    with after that. Suffering is what brings us toward happiness” (152). These are the lines from The Natural written by Bernard Malamud, which Iris Lemon says to Roy Hobbs after he told her all the suffer he faced before he becomes a well-known baseball player. The author gives hopes to the readers that Roy will definitely find his happiness towards the end of the novel. However, Bernard Malamud ends the climactic game between the Knights and the Pirates with a frustrating, depressing scene for…

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  • Earnings Management: Fraud Vs. Good Business Practice

    Several times a year, Corporations across the country feel the pressure of hitting analysts’ earnings expectations, and the very real possibility of missing those expectations. The consequences for missing earnings expectations goes much farther than management’s job certainty, and can directly affect the view that investors have on a company. Earnings management (EM) helps make meeting these expectations more manageable. However, there are a multitude of problems associated with earnings…

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  • Bolzano's Conception Of Analysis

    In the modern era, analysis is a very well established and developed field of mathematics. It is well known that analytic proofs are very strict in nature and to prove anything in analysis requires a careful consideration of the behaviour and characteristics of the proposition on hand. Before analysis became as well founded as it is today, there was no standard of rigor for analytic proofs. So, many mathematicians gave analytic proofs that were heavily based on spatial and geometric intuition.…

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  • American Sports Literature

    While sports has always provided entertainment and escape for participants and spectators alike, much of its cultural importance lies in its frequent use as a metaphor not only for American democracy (see the above quote from F.T. Miller), but individual fulfillment. In his essay explaining the cultural context in which American sports literature was created, Wiley Lee Umphlett describes how in the early 20th century, when a large number of American schools first incorporated physical education…

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  • Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme

    luxurious lifestyle, lived by a man from Queens, New York, and accompanied by his family and friends. The leader of the scheme, Bernard Madoff, is now serving 150 years in prison for cheating his investors out of an estimated $65 billion dollars. He is arguably one of the most hated people in history, ruining the lives of essentially everyone who believed in him. In 1960, Bernard Madoff created a small trading firm with his name on it. The firm was created with, "money he saved working as a…

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  • Worldcom Scandal Summary

    SUMMARY Originally founded in 1983 as LDDS Communications, today, MCI, Inc. is known as the American telecommunications company that was originally formed as a result of the merger of WorldCom. Currently, MCI, Inc. is headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia but originally WorldCom was headquartered in Clinton, Mississippi (Reardon, 2006). WorldCom’s growing success through acquisitions of other telecommunications firms led it to become the second largest long distance telecommunications company in…

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