Benzoic acid

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  • Baking Coconut Acid

    1. Baking soda with lemon. Mix 2 pinch of baking soda and 2 drops of lemon to make it a fine paste. After making a paste, wet your toothbrush and dip in your paste. Brush your teeth for about 3 minutes, make sure that you cover all the teeth. After 3 minutes of brushing, rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth again using your regular tooth paste. To see a more effective result on teeth whitening, try following this remedy for a minimum of twice a week to get rid of white spots and…

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  • Al2o3 Economic Impact

    In this essay, I will explain how we can benefit from bonding of atoms of certain elements in our daily life. As I will show in this essay, with the help of understanding the surface chemistry, which is the study of chemical reactions at interfaces (surfaces), different desired affects can be produced by the formation of selected elements such as making improved chemical composition of a surface. Surface chemistry today can be applied to solve various issues and problems including fighting…

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  • Phytic Acid In Yeast

    RESULTS Phytic Acid The concentration of phytic acid was determined spectrophotometrically in three tested plant materials of Gishta as shown in table 2. The concentrations of phytic acid were obtained from 5 g dried leafy material. All the leaf samples contained phytic acid (detection limit 0.025 mg/ml) in this study. This may have been due to the fact that there was a limitation in terms of the detection concentration since concentrations less than mg was not tested. Seed extracts was found…

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  • P-Nitrophenol Lab Report

    measure the enzyme activity in each sample fraction. P-nitrophenol shows a linear relationship with acid phosphatase. An Enzyme assay gives the activity levels of acid phosphatase in each fraction. The results from each fraction were placed into the equation of the line from the standard curve of p-nitrophenol. A standard curve of p-nitrophenol is used because this is the product created after acid phosphatase is reacted with the specific buffer. The activity in each homogenate changed the…

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  • Brassica Rap The Story Of Fast Plants

    breaking down water molecules is called photolysis. In the dark reactions, glucose is made. Carbon dioxide and ribulose bisphosphate, which is also called RuBP, unite to form rubisco, which then splits to make two phosphoglyceric acid molecules, the phosphoglyceric acid is sometimes called PGA. PGA gets converted to phosphoglyceraldehyde or PGAL. Many PGAL is used to make more RuBP. This is called the Calvin Cycle. Photosynthesis is affected by many factors, like the amount of carbon dioxide in…

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  • Nail Polish Remover Research Paper

    Sharpie permanent markers contain n-propanol (C3H8O) n-butanol (C4H10O), and Diacetone alcohol (C6H12O2). These markers are generally used on hard, non-porous surfaces, because instead of damaging the surface they form a surface layer that can be removed easily by solvents such as acetone (C3H6O), xylene (C8H10), or toluene (C7H8). Acetone (strong chemical used in nail polish remover) is a strong and very effective against permanent markers. It can also remove paint and melt certain surfaces.…

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  • Radioactivity Lab Report

    Radioactivity past paper assignment Question 1: In the fridge, from a previous experiment, there is a 50 mM [U-14C] glucose solution. A 20 uL aliquot was counted and gave 200 000 dpm. What is the specific activity of this preparation? 20 uL = 200 000 dpm (divide both sides by 20) 1 uL = 10 000 dpm Glucose = 50 mM = 50 mmol / uL = 50 umol/ uL = 50 nmol / uL Therefore in one uL = 50 nmol/ uL = 10 000 dpm (divide both side by…

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  • Biological Buffers Lab Report

    experiment was to measure how much the pH changes when an individual adds a certain amount of acid or base to water, biological buffers, and other biological solutions. It is vital to study the changes in pH because a slight change in pH in an organism’s body can disrupt metabolism activities and even cause death. To accomplish the purpose of the experiment, an individual will add certain amounts of acid or base to water, biological buffers, or other biological solutions. pH is a measure to…

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  • Enthalpy Of Separation Of Hot Packs And Cold Packss

    Hot packs and cold packs are a useful item when it comes to treating injuries. Inside a pack is salt and a certain amount of water. When you break the pack, the salt mixes with the water causing a reaction that either increases or decreases the temperature. When these salts dissolve in the water it creates a reaction that is either endothermic or exothermic. Endothermic is the absorption of heat. This is when the pack gets hotter. Exothermic is the release of heat. This is when the pack gets…

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  • How To Make Slime

    and many colors and glitters to use and many activators. My last science project that I did was which better juice cleans better pennies. The result was that orange juice cleans better pennies because orange juice has acid. Slime is easy to make because probably you will…

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