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  • What Are The Importance Of Animal Rights

    Animal rights are rights which state that animals are free to live from human exploitation and abuse. That means that humans have no right to use animals in any way that could cause them to feel pain or make them die no matter how humane they are treated during what they experiencing, and that they should be free from any unnecessary pain and suffering, and premature death even if it is for the benefit of both humans and animals. Some of these rights include: freedom from hunger and thirst by…

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  • The Serpent And The Scope Analysis

    The Serpent and the Rope, winner of the Sahitya Academy Award in the year 1963, is considered a milestone in Indian-English fiction, its form showing a successful orchestration of Indian and Western methods. The Cat and the Shakespeare, a metaphysical comedy, is an exemplar of theoretical fiction. The Chessmaster and His Moves are characterized by a range of momentous symbols. Here ‘The Chessmaster’ himself and his ‘moves’ are what he makes man do. Raja Rao’s place in the empire of Indian…

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  • Importance Of Tourism In India

    4.1.1 Scope of Tourism in India India has the Himalayan ranges in the north, a long coastline surrounded by seas in the south. In addition, India is rich in varied landscapes, enchanting historical sites and royal cities, clean beaches, serene mountain retreats, rich cultures and festivities to enjoy and rejuvenate. In any part of the year, India can offer a wide selection of destinations and experiences. In summer, there are lovely retreats amidst the heady beauty in the Himalayas or the…

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  • Life Of Pi And Metamorphosis Comparison Essay

    Imagery is used precisely and elegantly when describing Pi’s journey afloat on a life raft after the sinking of the ship him and his family were on with a Bengal tiger known as Richard Parker. This rich detail is seen when describing the island on which they land as an “exceptional botanical discovery” and making assertions on the island’s diameter and such (Martel 246). Contrarily, Martel also exposes the potential…

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  • Arguments For And Against Zoo Analysis

    Literature is all around us. It is prominent and used in all studies to gain connections. One connection is to compare Literature to Real World situations or world problems. Authors always have a source of inspiration from some other work of literature and or situations occurring in the past, present, or future. In some cases, fiction or drama literature sometimes has underlying themes or realities that are current to today’s societies. The author could take a real-world situation into a…

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  • The Truth In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

    Perspective and belief will vary from person to person, but what will always remain the same is the truth. Yann Martel, in his book Life of Pi, shows that varying stories can convey the same truth and underlying message, in different ways. In the book, Piscine Molitor Patel, also known as Pi, tells two stories of his time stranded in the Pacific Ocean. In the first story he tells of how he is accompanied by animals that occasionally act like humans. The fact that Pi was able to survive in…

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  • Believing In God In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

    like and awkward run on.) With a main character that is so involved with religion, there is no surprise that some religious themes come out of the novel. For most of the story, Pi is stranded at sea trapped in a lifeboat with Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. During his two-hundred and twenty-seven long struggle for survival, Pi comes across a variety of incredible and awe inspiring events that help to affirm his various religious beliefs. In…

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  • Analysis Of The Siege Of Miami By Elizabeth Kolbert

    apable effects of a warming world. Miami, and major parts of Florida are a great risk from the earth’s changing climate as the rising oceans threaten to swallow most of the southern half of the state. Tensions between Bangladesh and India intensify as the rising sea water threatens to displace millions of people, with India’s only solution to the issue being to build a larger border. “The Siege of Miami”, written by Elizabeth Kolbert, paints a terrifying portrait of the consequences of rising…

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  • Death In Hamlet, The Lovely Bones, And Life Of Pi

    The theme of death is shown in many pieces of literature, in various ways, which impact the plot and development of each character. The theme of death affects the storyline of a novel or play in a very individualized way which helps determines the path of the plot and the development of the characters. This is shown in the following three pieces of literature; Hamlet, The Lovely Bones, and Life of Pi. It is aided by literary devices such as imagery where the main character is compared to an…

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  • Comparing Martel's Life Of Pi And The Snows Of Kiliman

    of the Pacific Ocean. His only companion that remains alive throughout the whole ordeal is a 400-pound bengal tiger by the name of Richard Parker. Like any other adolescent, Pi is immensely afraid of death and constantly contemplates the many possibilities in which his death would be the final outcome . “I was alone and orphaned, in the middle of the Pacific, hanging on to an oar, an adult tiger in front of me, sharks beneath me, a storm raging about me. Had I considered my prospects in the…

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