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  • Arguments Against Animal Injustice

    been kidnapped in the middle of the night by a stranger. Animals have saved us many times, and yet we still say that they don 't deserve our respect? Rescue dogs save lives and track down missing people. Horses are used for entertainment, as well as tigers, lions, elephants, and ponies. Snake venom is used for remedies, and we even use insects to color and flavor our food. The least we could do is stop hunting and maintain the few species that we have…

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  • Tiger Kingdom Paragraph

    Snuggle Up To Real Tigers At The Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom, Thailand Sometimes the best souvenirs are the photos you bring back from a trip. If you visit the Tiger Kingdom just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, your photos will be by far your most cherished souvenirs. If holding a baby tiger in your arms or snuggling up to a lazy adult tiger sounds like a great photo opportunity to you, and you want to support the preservation of these beautiful animals, a visit to the Tiger Kingdom is in order.…

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  • Sloth Bear Research Paper

    Introduction Sloth bears are mostly found in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian subcontinent. Their inhabitation ranging from the foothills of the Himalayas to the southern end of the Western Ghats mountain range in India as well as in the island of Sri Lanka (Prater, 1965). The number of Sloth bear distributed in the Indian peninsula was estimated to be approximately 7,600 (Jaffeson, 1975). Two subspecies of sloth bear, namely Melursus ursinus ursinus and Melursus ursinus…

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  • Tiger Symbolism

    To start off, I came up with the idea of a tiger as the head, as it is a national symbol, and it is the national animal of Malaysia. While the tiger also indicates bravery and agility in the Malaysian culture. Whereas, I used the orangutan because it is indigenous in the island of Borneo which includes parts of Malaysia. However, the orangutan is often seemed to show happiness and fun. Moreover, I used the Malayan tapir, because it is indeed a unique creature, due to the fact it almost resembles…

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  • Creative Writing: The Jacobian Forest

    fight back. Then there are regular animals like tigers and wolves. Every day you have to fight for you life against these animals. Then on one day after Arode was scrounging for food, he took it to his house in the trees there were a mysterious knock on his door. Arode wondered “who could that be?” because he was the only one in “The Jacobian…

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  • Identity Crisis Essay

    ‘silence’ that surrounds the Bengal Partition is qualified by Ashis Nandi as a ‘psychological defence’ (xii).He argues that the educated, urbane people who were dazzled by the scope of two brand new states banished the memories of Partition and decided to conduct the affairs of the new states on the ruins of the past: armed with the fragile defensive shield of anti-memories. It is important to note here how the different classes responded to Partition in different ways. Bengal Partition conjured…

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  • Snow Leopard Extinction

    Endangered species are species of animals or plants that are at risk of extinction, this means that there are very few of them and they could potentially all die out. Some of the factors that cause extinction are loss of habitat, hunting, diseases and climate change. • Snow Leopard - Panthera uncia • Blue Whale - Balaenoptera musculus • Giant Panda - Ailuropoda melanoleuca Snow Leopard Snow Leopards are mainly found in the Eastern Himalayas and Yangtze. They live in the cold high mountain…

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  • Physical Characteristics Of Tiger Vs. Lion

    Tiger Vs. Lion Time and time again,we wonder about random things. An example of this would be the question, who would win a fight between a male lion and a male tiger? Since they have completely different lifestyles, it would be interesting to catch them in the act. Some things that are different about them are their physical characteristics, and where they live. Although, they have a very low chance in meeting in today’s day and age, they did a long time ago. In this paper, I will discuss the…

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  • Black Rhinos

    In the beginning of the 20th century, 500,000 rhinoceros roamed through Africa and Asia and only range from five species: Sumatran rhino, black rhino, white rhino, javan rhino, and Indian rhino. Out of these five species, the most iconic is the black rhino. Known for their two horns and hook-lipped, black rhinos live in the lower half of Africa, separating into two subspecies: Western black rhinos and Eastern black rhinos. However, in 1970, it was recorded that there were only around 65,000…

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  • Bad Rodent Research Paper

    DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU RODENT: TEN WAYS RATS BRING DESTRUCTION Rodents are the biggest group of mammals, consisting of almost half of the whole mammalian population with around 4,600 species. Chipmunks, squirrels, beavers and prairie dogs are just some of the most popular rodent species native to the United States, playing an important role in forest and grassland preservation as they serve as a major food source for scavengers and predators like bobcats, foxes, hawks and wolves.…

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