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  • Samuel Adamson Running Wild Analysis

    Running Wild is a play written by Samuel Adamson, adapted from the book Running Wild written by Michael Morpurgo. Running Wild is regarding a boy (girl) named Will (Lilly) who lost his father, takes a trip to Indonesia with his mom, and there is a horrific tsunami which leads to him getting astray in the jungle with an elephant called Oona. Will (Lilly) has to learn how the to pull-through the treacherous life in the jungle. The main Characters are Will, Oona, Tonk (orangutan), Charlie…

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  • Asian Leopard Cat Essay

    birth and their weight doubles within two weeks. In about 5 weeks, they weight about 15 oz. The eyes of the newborn open in 10 days and they start eating solid food after 20 days. These cats can live up to the age of 13 years in captivity. The Bengal Cat The Bengal cat is the result of breeding an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. They were developed by several people, most notably by Jean Sugden Mill. The main aim of the experiment was the harness the beauty and agility of the wild cat, yet…

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  • Island Of A Thousand Mirrors Analysis

    the training camp. Learn to fight. Become a hero” (159). Saraswathi’s environment changed as she was forced to become a Tiger soldier. As Saraswathi loses her parents, she no longer has a role model to look up to. Being young and impressionable, she becomes prone to many different influences—including negative ones. Her life also changed when she accepted the leader of the Tigers as her new role mode. Saraswathi explains, “I learn about our Leader. About how he has devoted his life…

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  • Food Pantry Short Story

    Food pantry (vocab words) As we walked into the well done church empty except for the basement teeming with life a food pantry of people all in discolored clothes with different needs and wants. I was uncomfortable and anxious I talked to a lady who loved to talk about her life and had so many stories that they seemed to be fake. As i walk into the pantry a man with is 6 kids pick out food exchanging various amounts of banter rummaging around. I felt so bad there was no mother with them I…

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  • Ocelot Research Paper

    low. Depending on the region the ocelots fur ranges from a golden yellow to a dark brown with irregular patches and stripes. These wild cats are much larger than domestic cats, but are considerably smaller than other wild cats such as jaguars and tigers. Their tail can be as long as ten to fifteen inches. The ocelot is a nocturnal animal meaning it is active at night and sleeps during the day. The species use their keen eyesight and hearing to hunt their prey which consists of frogs,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Lion And Cheetah

    Lion vs.Cheetah Whoa!Look at that fast cheetah, wait look at that lion chasing after it . There are differences and alike traits about lions and cheetahs. Even though lions and cheetahs look alike they are very different. Both lions and cheetahs have similar bodies for a perfect life in the grasslands.The lion can roar loudly as for the cheetah gives off a little cry.You can hear the lions roar from 5 miles away for the cheetah you can barley hear it.A lion it acts as a big…

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  • Survival In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

    (Martel 90). After all he’s been through he finally accepts defeat. He has had low moods before but this time he expresses a sense of peace because he will be reunited with his family. Previously in the novel the reward of taming Richard Parker the tiger has been achieved. In the end, his blindness wares off and once again he is motivated to live. This part of the quest can be looked at as a form of resurrection. Pi has accepted death but something inside him refuses to let him meet this fate.…

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  • Gentle Giants Research Paper

    Gentle Giants The Walrus Morgan Walrus are gentle giants . Although they may look huge and scary the aren't aggressive. They are the largest fin-footed semiaquatic marine mammal.Semiaquatic means it is half of its water in the water half the time it is out on ice. Description Walrus are mammals with brown and pink hides and they weigh around 270 pounds. Walrus also have bags of water around them to keep them from getting hurt around objects that jab them. Additionally , they have blubber…

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  • Bilby Research Paper

    The bilby is an interesting animal that looks like a jigsaw-puzzle mishap. Part rabbit, chinchilla, and kangaroo, it is quite an unusual creature, but it is well adapted to life in the desert. Medium size, varied diet and the ability to speedily reproduce, this animal is well equipped for a harsh life. Bilbys, also known as rabbit eared bandicoots, are among the largest in the bandicoot family, measuring up to 55 centimeters in length with a tail of around 29 centimeters. It possesses…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Owning Exotic Animals

    fingernails.That's the reality for exotic pets in our present day. There is somewhere over a million exotic animals in the U.S. only a few thousands are in zoos. When I say exotic I mean animals from other countries, mostly wild. Such animals would be tigers, lions and other big cats. Or other animals from other countries like a platypus from Australia, or a lemur from Madagascar. Or animals from other environments like taking a polar bear and putting it down in Kansas. There is very flexible…

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