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  • Eurasian Lynx Research Paper

    The Eurasian Lynx is one of four species of lynx. The scientific classification is the L. Lynx. Its natural habitats are the forests, tundra, and Mountains. They range in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, and Asia. they weigh up to about 84 pounds, but the average weight of a male is 48 lbs. The average weight of a female is 40 lbs. They rank the largest out of the whole species. Eurasian Lynx are nocturnal meaning, they sleep all day and go hunting during the night. Their diet contains of rabbits,…

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  • Attack Of The Man Eaters Short Story

    One of the stories The Stick Of The Man Eaters . Is about how these two lions, and how they killed 75 men. In the other story it talked about how a man named Richardson, was able to be with grown lions and live. There is a man that can take lions for walk’s. In the pitcher he is playing with a lot of lions . “One morning Richardson hugged a lion , and answered his phone.”The two righters who wrote thees is Lauren Tarshis and Susan Orlean . The similarities between the stories Attack Of The…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wooly Mammoths

    experience extinction from sickness. However, some animals are unfortunate enough to be hunted to extinction by humans. These 10 animals no longer exist thanks to us, the humans. Here, we remember them below. Number Ten: Tasmanian Tiger. Extinct since 1936, the Tasmanian tiger was a threat to farmers because it would hunt their sheep, so to fight it, farmers began hunting it. It was trapped and poisoned for government bounties and eventually went extinct because of this. Number Nine: Woolly…

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  • Compare And Contrast Attack Of The Man Eaters

    Did you know that someone lays down with lions! These two stories are about lions. In Attack of the Man Eaters written by Lauren Tarshis, Colonel Patterson and a group of workers were building a rail road through lions territory and the lions were hungry, so they were killing workers and Colonel Patterson went out to hunt the lions. In the Lion Whisperer written by Susan Orlean lions that were being raised as babies in a petting zoo were being killed, going to circuses, and going to lion…

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  • The Poaching Of African Elephants

    Have you ever seen a dodo bird? Well if poaching continues the African elephant and African rhino’s may never be seen by our grandchildren. Elephants are continuing to be poached for their horns which are being sold for high prices to people looking to buy ivory. The black and white rhinos that inhabit Africa are already close to extinction with only a couple thousand of each left. If both of these animals end up being removed from their respective environments by poaching, then their…

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  • An Essay On Spider Monkeys

    Spider monkeys are found in the tropical lowland rainforests from Mexico to South America. Spider monkeys live mainly in the top of the tree canopy. They range from sea level to higher ground. Spider monkeys are also considered to be very intelligent compare to the gorillas. They are also called spider monkeys because they look like spiders when they are hanging by their tail, which is also considered a fifth hand. Their tail is sometimes longer than their body and is used for climbing and…

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  • Riding The Tiger And Fox By Margaret Wild

    who had gotten on this tiger but many people gave him a warning but he did not listen. He then suffered great consequences for the actions he made. The other story is about a dog, a fox, and a bird. People gave warnings but she did not listen to the warnings and she also suffered great consequences. The short stories that i have read are Riding the tiger by Eve Bunting and Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. In both stories people tried warn Magpie and Dan that the tiger and the fox our not to…

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  • What Is The Dichotomy Of Wild Life

    This island has to be saved for its trees, it has to be saved for its animals it is a part of a reserve forest, it belongs to a project to save tigers, which is paid for by people from all around the world….who love animals so much that they are willing to kill us for them…this whole world has become a place for animals, and our fault, our crime was that we were just human beings, trying to live as human beings always have, from the water and the soil. No human being…

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  • Should We Kill Animals To Save Them Analysis

    Article Analysis - “Should We Kill Animals to Save Them?” by Satvik Gurram Though the fees for hunting animals may presumably go to conservation and help maintain conservancies and wildlife reserves, many critics believe that endangered and big game animals shouldn’t be killed and the benefits of hunting fees are not significant at all. Nyae Nyae, a wildlife reserve in Namibia’s Kalahari Desert, protects one of the last large elephants in the world. In addition to these elephants, around 3,000…

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  • Black Rhino Essay

    Poachers kill them mainly for their horns and tails. People would pay about $50,000 for two horns from one single black rhino. That’s a lot of money involved so poachers can’t resist it. In some cultures, superstition also plays a roll for black rhino’s body parts; the people used to hang one of their tails in a room where a woman is giving birth and it’s suppose to help ease with labor pains. Since some people believe in that they would go out and buy a rhino’s tail. Black rhinos are like…

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