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  • Cell Phones Pros And Cons Essay

    Ring! Ring! “Hello? What, you want me to go over the Pros and Cons for kids having a cell phone, Well sure I can do that for you.” So in this Essay I will tell you the pros and the cons of having a cell phone when you're a kid. I chose this topic by reason of I know that there are a great deal of arguments going on everyday about having a cell phone when you're a kid (I’ve done a bit of that too) so I’ve decided to do a pro and con essay. So I guess you want to know what side I agree with, I personally agree with having a cell phone when you are a kid but we will take to that later. Now let's look at the pros, The first pro is with their phone, the kid is able to keep in touch with the world around them and while doing that they can learn new stuff This is a pro for parents and kids. For the parents, they are happy that their kid is learning new stuff and it will probably benefit them in class and later life. This helps the kid now that they can check things like what day it is, what the weather is, what's going on in the world around them, and finally they can connect with their friends and communicate with each other forming a stronger friendship. My next pro is if you have your phone on you at all times if there is an emergency they can contact their parents or anyone else that they need, they also don't need to remember the people's number now that it is already put into the phone. This is also a pro by the cause of if the kid is being followed there's something…

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  • History Of Basketball Research Paper

    Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry: What do these people have in common? They play basketball. It is playable at many different levels. There are high school, college, professional, and even international teams. Basketball has become so popular due to the simplicity of it. The game as we know it wasn 't always the way we think of it today. Basketball has evolved in many ways over the years with all the history, rules refinements, rule additions, and the basic play. Today 's version…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Better Than Basketball

    Football and basketball are probably the most popular sports in America, alongside a few others. During the playoffs and the Super Bowl in football, and the time of march madness and the championship in basketball, families and friends meet together and watch the games as a group. The sports go head to head as the best sports of America, but a fair amount believes basketball to be the better of the two. Basketball is definitely better than football. Admittedly, NFL games have set schedules.…

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  • Sport Movement Analysis Essay

    Details of the game/sport The game of basketball at the collegiate (NCAA) is divided into two halves, each being 20 minutes long. There overall court size are 94 feet long and 50 feet wide, with the rim being 10 feet tall. During a regular season players play about 30 to 32 games including conference tournament games that starts on November and end early April. Followed by an offseason that last for two months (May & June), early pre-season (July), mid pre-season (August & September), then back…

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  • Soccer Vs Basketball Research Paper

    Differences between soccer and basketball Two of the most popular sports in many countries are basketball and soccer. Both have different rules, playgrounds, and a different number of people who involve in the game. Soccer has basic rules which make it somehow an exciting sport for a lot of people. For example, the only way to play football is by your feet. Otherwise, the opposite team will obtain a foul or a penalty. But if the ball was caught by the goalkeeper inside the box, you have…

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  • Early Childhood Career Analysis

    Career interests were plentiful as I grew up, especially during my early childhood. Each area of interest I expressed to my parents was encouraged through a combination of play and education The number of jobs I wanted as a young child was significantly large and I do not recall every single occupational investigation. Those I do recall include doctor, firemen, veterinarian, professional basketball, musician, Lego set developer, film director, chef, gardener, and college basketball coach. The…

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  • Work And Leisure Research Paper

    I will receive my dream career of becoming the President of Basketball operations for the Toronto Raptors. I will gain this position through the long time relationship I have with the franchise dating back to my high school days on top of my qualifications. At this stage I will re-focus my leisure toward myself due to my children being able to start taking independence over their own leisure. As this cycle concludes I will retire from my position as President. Leaving my family in a financially…

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  • Mini Basketball Lab Report

    In the first experiment, the acceleration of a falling mini-basketball, the results gathered disagreed with my predicted outcome. Originally, I could not imagine how the graph might appear. I could not visualize an object falling and what its acceleration, position, and velocity might be on the graph. However, after completing the first experiment, I realized that the graphs would look somewhat the same in relation to the basketball since this object was not affected as much as the lighter…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Cheercoach Wants A Victory

    and tears finally pay off. Today is the basketball championship. All of the cheerleaders will arrive at school decked out in their Bremen blue attire. Bows in their hair, cheer bags on their shoulders, and spirit in their hearts. They are ready to cheer their team to a win. On the other end of the campus, the basketball players enter the locker room. Some exchange a few words of encouragement, but most have their game faces on. They drop off their gym bags, and head to homeroom, counting…

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  • Soccer Vs. Basketball: A Comparison Of Soccer And Basketball

    Soccer and basketball both are the popular game in the world. Some people love soccer, and some perform basketball. These two groups of people are jubilant and enjoy watching their favorite sport, but there always has a troublemaker throw an argument out, and separate people into two groups and push them to an opposite position. For example, “which one is better? PlayStation 4 or Xbox?” or “which one you perform more? LOL or Dota?” or “you mom and your wife fall into the river, whom you save…

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