Institutions of the European Union

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  • Spuranationalism And Supranationalism

    The European Union is an organization wherein its structure and decision-making roots back to the concepts of spuranationalism and intergoventmentalism and the experiences it gained in the past; now it stands as effective cultural and monetary center but fail in foreign and security policy as it faces critiques. In definition supranationalism entails how the European Union is an organization that has power “above the nation”. It stands as an organization that has power independent of the government of a nation. On the other hand the intergovernmentalism is the cooperation of more than one individual or nation. These two concepts plays a relevant role within the European Union as it became the basis of their movements and processes, such as…

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  • Multi Level Governance And Federalism Analysis

    Multi-level governance and federalism: a comparison of the models & a discussion on the future of the EU The purpose of this essay is to compare multi-level governance and federalism models in the sense of European Union and to discuss the future of the European Union based on these models. Firstly, I define what exactly multi-level governance and federalism models represent and what are the similarities and differences. Further on is a discussion about the developments of EU based on these…

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  • The Reasons For The Formation Of The European Union

    The European Union Introduction The European Union (EU) evolved from a regional economic agreement between six neighboring states, to today’s supranational organization of 28 nations across the European continent. These six states often accorded founding nation status include France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, and Italy. The lasting peace that has in the past half a century prevailed in Europe can largely be attributed to the formation of the European Union. As a matter of fact,…

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  • Neo Functionalism Essay

    Neo functionalism is linked with the governmental and monetary goals and also assimilation tactics of the founders of European coal and steel community. Back then one of the founders named jean Monnet believed that in achieving integration in one segment of common procedure among independent states will ultimately lead to a spill over in other policy areas. Neo functionalism was used to expound the ways of the process of integration in Europe. One of the main focuses was to create a political…

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  • The Maastricht Treaty

    Following the second world war, the European economy and infrastructure were severely devastated. Europe had the mindset of avoiding any further damage and deaths in their land. Leading them to begin moving forward towards a more peaceful Europe. Over decades of treaty making and attempts to collaborate with one another, eventually, the Maastricht Treaty was created in 1992. This new treaty was put into effect in 1993 providing unity to twenty-seven member states. Giving the world the birth of…

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  • Europeanization And European Identity

    Europeanization refers to adoption and spreading of European cultures, ideas, policies and economies. It could also refer to the institutionalization of European symbols and icons. European identity formation and citizenship building are being attained through Europeanization. One issue related to this process is identifying whether there really is Europe. There is no document directly stating what Europe is and which states are parts of it. Not knowing the boundaries and not having a concrete…

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  • The United Kingdom Should Leave The European Union

    On June 23rd 2016, the United Kingdom is holding an “in-or-out” referendum in order to determine whether the United Kingdom should stay as part of the European Union (the EU) or leave the international organisation. The United Kingdom and the EU have an interesting history with many disagreements over institutions. This then caused a national identity crisis as to whether the United Kingdom wants to class itself as being ‘European’. This is relevant to the main argument for exiting the European…

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  • Democracy And Legitimacy In Democracy

    Legitimacy in democracy is what defines the democracy of any institution also insufficient level of democracy in political institutions comparing standards of democracy in democratic government can be termed as democratic deficit. The democratic deficit depicts the underdevelopment of key democratic institutions it also shows the procedures under which these institutions fail in discharge of their duties these characteristics include lack of transparency and accountability, decision making that…

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  • Connolly And Tran's Article: The Impacts Of A Single Market Makes On Society In Europe

    article, they show us many different beneficial things that the European Union has done for Europe over the past years. They believe one of the biggest achievements of the European Union was the establishment of the single market. Other benefits include the single currency throughout Europe, easy passport-free travel, and Democracy and human rights for all citizens. I thought this article was very influential for my presentation because it maps out many different benefits that the EU has…

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  • European Union Research Paper

    focus is the European Union. Total continental unity was always an idea in the minds of the great leaders of Europe but they could never follow through due to the fact they would use force to enforce cooperation. This all changed after World War II, unity was easier to enforce due to the fact that many of the European nations were very vulnerable at this point in time. While the Marshall Plan was taking care of the postwar recovery efforts, the European nations still needed a surplus of good to…

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