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  • What Is Artificial Intelligence Affect The Future Of Humanity?

    With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past 40 years, the future of society, economics, and creations is at a particular fulcrum point. We are at a threshold where in the next 20 to 40 years, AI can become the foundation of all functions of human life, whether it be legal advice, driving, cooking, or stock trading. The acquiescence of AI into society has the palpable potential to remove human-centered facets of life, ranging from the near removal of a human workforce, to…

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  • J Intell Robot Syst Analysis

    J Intell Robot Syst (2013) 69:131–146 137 for optimum performance in an iterative fashion. Lastly, from the two concepts, one of them is se- lected in terms of performance, manufacturability and cost. The initial analysis of the wing geometry de- sign process is performed by using the program XFLR5 . XFLR5 utilizes Vortex-Lattice-Method which gives preliminary results from which the configurations can be compared. After the optimization of these two different wing…

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  • Technology And The Role Of Creative Destruction In The Personal Transportation Industry

    Technology and innovation play a major role in the development of emerging and developed economies, as it provides an opportunity for businesses to produce more with the same amount of resources and creates new markets and industries within an economy. However, the people who benefit the most from these technological innovations are those who are high-skilled workers. As the global economy continues to globalize and grow, there has been a noticeable shift in favor of those who develop skills and…

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  • Innovation Case Study: The Innovation Process Of Google Driverless Cars

    HOCHSCHULE RHEIN-WAAL RHINE-WAAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES FACULTY OF SOCIETY AND ECONOMICS Innovation Case Study WS 2015/2016 Module “Elective Subjects” Course “Innovation Management” Dr Oliver Serfling SEL 1. INTRODUCTION: ORIGINS AND RATIONALE If you ask someone about inventions in the automobile sector or simply about the future of cars, probably you will hear a story about electric and hybrid cars. Nevertheless, there is one another branch the attention should be drawn to.…

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  • There Is A Blind Spot In AI Research By Kate Crawford And Ryan Calo

    Stuart Russel acknowledges the danger of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) since they can kill people without human intervention. Furthermore, a vague programming of the LAWS could end up getting an innocent civilian killed because he or she “looked like a threat”. Meanwhile, Sabine Hauret wants to…

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  • Summary Of The Robot's Rebellion

    Keith Stanovich’s The Robot’s Rebellion delves deep into the world of evolutionary psychology, stating how modern society is stuck in a technologically run programme of sorts where we are all but robots stuck in a world revolved around our most primal cognitive abilities. In the introductory pages of this novel, Stanovich draws our attention to four notable theorists, among them, philosopher Daniel Dennett who refers to the implications that modern evolutionary theory will have on the…

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  • Steven Greenhouse Driverless Future Analysis

    Annotated Bibliography Greenhouse, Steven. “Driverless Future?” The American Prospect,, 21 Mar 2017. Accessed 6 Feb 2018. In “Driverless Future”, Steven Greenhouse discusses the potential beneficial and adverse effects that self-driving cars will cause in the future. Greenhouse begins by laying out the two most talked about effects of automation: job displacement and safety increase. In terms of jobs, he asserted that there would…

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  • Should We Live Longer Essay

    There is also the fact that many jobs are already being replaced by autonomous robots removing the requirement for jobs. The people that are lucky and manage to get jobs will have to work for low wages since there will be a high competition for jobs. This will also result in many people that are already working to be laid off…

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  • Automatic Car Parking System Essay

    Development of an Automatic Car Parking System Abstract—This Paper proposes the development of an Automatic Car Parking System imparting performance. This proposed framework uses sensors, electric power steering, path planning, path tracking and pure pursuit algorithm. The verification of the vehicle was demonstrated using the electric power steering for tracking the path. An ultrasonic sensor is used to determine the availability of the parking space. Drivers can uses user interactive interface…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Self-Driving Cars

    unimaginable rate. There are advancements happening in medicine and in engineering that was thought to be distant only a few years ago, and some that were only dreamt of in the 20th century. One of these many advancements has been in the creation of autonomous cars which have started emerging all around the world by companies like Google, Tesla, and some major car companies. Although there are some who are skeptical of the automation of cars with the reports of accidents from the likes of…

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