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  • Pros And Cons Of Trans Pacific Partnership

    day trade agreements for the Pacific Rim countries, there was the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, which was a model for the New Zealand/Singapore Closer Economic Partnership. This led to the making of The Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement. These renowned economic agreement between various countries in the Pacific were the rough drafts for the current trade agreement. The influence of these successful economic strategies pacts leads the Pacific Ocean border nations to…

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  • Counterterrorism

    The United States must continue to ensure all areas of the world have the right tools and mechanisms in place to thwart terrorism so events like the September 11th attacks don’t reoccur. Counter Terrorism (CT) efforts in Southeast Asia have improved markedly in recent years. Despite this success, however, it’s still a potentially fertile ground for local terrorist organizations sharing al-Qa’ida’s ideology and aspirations. It is, therefore, in our nation’s best interest to ensure we play an…

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  • Effects Of Imperialism In East Asia

    East Asia in the 19th to the early 20th century was a time period of change, new approaches and constant pressures. After a lengthy era of isolationism East Asia was experiencing pressure from outside forces. The West approached with strong intentions and new ideas and unique cultural traditions. The Eastern Asian countries were finding themselves behind in advances in several different realms, such as, the military and in technology. Japan and China were suffering under the pressures to…

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  • Effects Of Urbanization In Southeast Asia

    With an increasing population the countries of Southeast Asia cannot escape rapid urbanization. Generally people from rural areas will move to urban areas for different reasons, but mostly for the opportunities that come with urban areas. These can be employment opportunities that are not otherwise available in rural areas or better paying employment. Although one problem may be that even urban areas may not be equipped to sustain all the people that move in from the rural areas and this will…

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  • The Impact Of Trade On The Mediterranean Sea

    along the coast. These ports included Carthage, and Leptis. These ports became very successful and led to “greater access to Western European regions, including areas in present-day Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Northern trade routes along the coast of Asia Minor connected this area with Greece” (Phoenicians Establish…

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  • The Development State Model

    It is widely accepted that the features of the developmental state model played a vital role in East Asian states, guiding them to historically unprecedented industrial transformation, and it is unanimously agreed upon that the developmental state model was successful in economic growth of the East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. However, the puzzle we have to solve is whether the developmental state model delivers development without limitation, or if the model is doomed to…

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  • Thoujo Manga Essay

    experienced in this form of literature, or informed of it’s popularity. In the third section I will look specifically into the genre of shoujo manga and its contrasting relationship with hegemonic masculinity, along with it’s spread throughout East Asia. In my fourth and final section, I will look at the effects that manga has on a global scale, and how helped to revolutionize as well as it’s effects on a global…

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  • Asean Case Study

    establishment of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1989. ASEAN was considered to be a subset of the large APEC. But, the ASEAN countries would benefit by participating in wider economic cooperation…

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  • The Importance Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the planets biggest cluster of soaring trash, there are greater than 79,000 tonnes of plastic in the ocean in just a 1.6 million square kilometer area. The sum of garbage is up to sixteen times bigger than past measurements. This essay will discuss why it is important for people to have an awareness of “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” through how it was initially discovered, how people can change it positively in many ways, and greater issues that will occur…

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  • The Importance Of Bowing In Japan

    1.0 INTRODUCTION Japan is an island nation in East Asia and was located in the Pacific Ocean. The capital city of Japan is Tokyo. Japan has population around 125 million people. 98.5% of the population was comprises by the Yamato Japanese ethnic group and the other 1.5% includes Chinese, Koreans and the indigenous Ainu. In Japan, the two traditional religions are Buddhism and Shinto. 95% of the Japanese citizens abide by the fusion of Buddhism and Shintoism. The practices of Shinto and Buddhist…

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