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  • Mike Searle: The Formation Of The Himalayas

    the rocks of the Annapurna sanctuary, and the presence of rocks with fossils of sea life at the peak of everest. In 1984, Searle and others went on an expedition to do mapping and collect rock samples around the Baltoro glacier and K2. They spent about three months on expedition around this area. Searle collected and sent off about 200 kg of rock samples on this expedition. To Searles excitement, the majority of the rocks collected were metamorphic rocks. Tests indicated that some of the rocks were formed at extremely high pressures. Because they were under such high pressures the rocks collected had at some point undergone partial melting, or migmatization. Most of the peaks along the mountain range they were in were composed of this type of granite. This was astonishing because these rocks had at some point been in the deepest levels of the Asian plate crust. Through the formation of these mountains, rocks had gone from being 30-70 km below the surface, to being thousands of meters above the surface. I find this information especially interesting because I am fascinated by the fact that the rocks at some of the highest points on our planet were once extremely deep in our planet 's crust. The evidence found by Searle give a better idea of where exactly some of these rocks came from. In 1992, Searle got a chance to study the rocks of the Annapurna Range. He went on a long field trip with Kip Hodges of MIT to the Modi Khola, a deep valley in the Annapurna area. This…

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  • Narrative Essay On Annapurna Base Camp

    This trip was pretty unplanned and the result of the last minute decision. We friends were sure to go on a trip, but the destination was to be adjudicated. Suddenly, this beautiful place popped into my mind, Annapurna Base Camp. And indeed this was the best decision of my life. It was an amazing experience to walk through the distinct landscape full of rich mountain vistas, terraced fields, peculiar Gurung and Thakali villages and diverse variety of flora and fauna in my Annapurna Base Camp…

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  • Importance Of Trekking In Tourism

    the Himalaya region are amazing. The first trekker in the country was Bill Tilman. He took permission with Nepal King in 1949 and trekked to Kali Gandaki, Everest and Helambu. Maurice Herzog led a French expedition to Annapurna in 1950. Jimmy Roberts had spent a year and trekked to Kali Gandaki in 1965. Boris Lissannivitch met King Tribhuvan and established the Royal hotel with Yak and Yeti bar. He used the bar for climbers meeting place since 1950-1971. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Langtang,…

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  • Narrative Essay About Winter Vacation

    One winter break, we group of five friends planned to spend time together. We came up with the idea to go trekking to Ghandruk- a popular trekking destination located in Annapurna Region of Nepal and is the 200-kilometer drive from Kathmandu (the Capital City of Nepal). I was much delighted to visit the magnificent and charming beauty of Ghandruk since I was virtually enjoying the glamorous view through television and internet. Finally, it was the moment to unveil the ravishing scene of…

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  • Mountain People Research Paper

    Every day the trekking activity is changing from one camp to another. Annually 200000 tourists visit to have a new experience. The Himalayan region has countless hiking trails with a normal (Annapurna), controlled (Manaslu) and guided (Kanchenjunga) trip. Nepal trek suits for all ages and capabilities virtually round the year. Trekking is a healthy activity that burns calories and builds muscle strong. Nepal travel cannot fulfill without the mountain holidays. The breathtaking mountain views,…

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  • The Keytone To My Living Experience In The Tree House

    of these initiatives were structured by the college’s Sustainability Studies Program. A minor in this department provided me with the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and conduct student research, sparking my interest in international sustainable development. With a second minor in Asian Traditions, I paired my pursuit of international development with an interest in how Asian cultural ideologies and concepts, such as non-violence, influence an approach towards, and solution of environmental…

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  • Ecotourism And Tourism

    Ecotourism is closely linked to the preservation and conservation of natural areas. This paper will look at two regions, the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) in Nepal and the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. The two regions have both implemented conservation initiatives, and have a strong relationship with tourism. This paper will examine community conservation in the ACA (ACA) that draws on Hulme and Murphree 's (1999) idea of “new conservation”, which involves “the merging of conservation…

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  • Analysis Of Peter Matthiessen's The Snow Leopard

    Many men spend their entire lives chasing an impossible or unattainable dream. Peter Matthiessen was no different. Matthiessen dreamt of the elusive and beautiful snow leopard, and longed to lay his gaze upon it, a sight that only a lucky few have ever been blessed with. This was Matthiessen’s unattainable dream, which took him through Nepal, across the Himalayas and through the Tibetan Plateau, which Matthiessen detailed the journey in his novel The Snow Leopard. When George Schaller and…

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  • What Is Somersby Cider?

    objective should be the following Awareness 50% within three months User 20% within eight months Loyal Customer 12% within a year 3. Media Strategy Development and Implementation Media Mix (For one year) Newspaper The Himalayan Times – TGIF page Magazine M&S VMAG, ECS Living Events and Exhibitions Victory Lounge, Trisara, Hotel Annapurna, Holi events Digital Facebook Marketing Outdoor Live Concerts Geographic Coverage The product must be readily available in liquor stores in city areas of…

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  • Geography Of Nepal Essay

    snow.It is situated south of the Himal, the Pahad is mostly betw altitude. This region begins at the Mahabharat Range (Lesser Himalaya) where a fault system called the Main Boundary Thrust creates an escarpment 1,000 to 1,500 metres (3,000 to 5,000 ft) high, to a crest between 1,500 and 2,700 metres (5,000 and 9,000 ft). These steep southern slopes are nearly uninhabited. The Himalayas (above 3,000 m) comprises mountains, alpine pastures and temperate forests limited by the tree-line (4,000 m)…

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