Annie John

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  • Annie John Summary

    The title “Annie John” is just the main character’s name. The whole story is told through her and her different stages of life. Throughout the entire book, she doesn’t say her name until later on in the book because even she herself doesn’t know who she is, she’s just a shadow trying to find her inner self. The narrator is Annie John. Annie John is also the main character and the protagonist, Annie’s mother Mrs. John is the antagonist. They interrelate because when Annie is the only child, her mother is affectionate with her but as Annie gets older and her mom has other children, Mrs. John becomes distant from Annie and basically wants her to grow up and watch over herself. Annie sees this as a threat, so her mother is now like an enemy to her which is why she is the antagonist. Once the other kids come, her mother no longer has time for her and Annie has to fend for herself. Mrs. John doesn’t think she’s harming Annie in any way, she just wants Annie to become independent and find herself. The Red girl is also an important character in the story; she is the complete opposite of Annie and Annie wants and tries to be her. Annie is a goody two shoes and she is the devil child. The red girl has no name in the story but she is the one who helps Annie find herself and separate…

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  • Mother's Betrayal In Annie John

    The book Annie John follows a young girl as she is forced to mature through the many trials and betrayals she faces. As a young girl Annie lives her life as the shadow of her mother, spending each day trying to imitate her. When Annie’s mother rejects her worship, stating that Annie has to be her own person, her whole world is turned upside down by this betrayal. Almost everything about Annie changes, and continues to depend on her relationship with her mother. Annie’s idea of the world becomes…

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  • Theme Of Water In Annie John

    principal measure of how we live on the land." Luna Leopold. Annie John, a novel written by Jamaica Kincaid focuses on Annie, a young, intelligent, and unruly young girl growing up in Antigua. This novel highlights Annie growing up from age ten to seventeen through the use of literary techniques of motifs, or recurring symbols. The motif of water and sea in Annie John forms Annie from childhood to adulthood showing that this is a true bildungsroman. During Annie's youth, she and her mother have…

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  • Annie John Language Analysis

    Whereas Abeng explores the power of spoken language as a formative tool, Annie John handles how the written language functions to empower the main character, Annie John, to advance her personal growth. Lacking the type of privilege Clare possesses in Abeng, Annie unknowingly opts for using her written language, rather than her spoken language, to shape her personal maturation. One early example of this is when Annie John, upon reading her textbook in school, stumbles across a picture of…

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  • Identity In Little Annie John

    Her home is a post-slavery society which Annie does not entirely fit in . While her feelings towards Columbus and his acts of oppression stem from the story of her ancestors and the mistreatment they received in consequence of Columbus, Annie is punished. This story is relatable for some Native Americans who know of the pain inflicted by Columbus, his men, and other European men after them, yet they are still involved with a society that annually celebrates him on Columbus Day. Annie John was…

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  • My Name Is Annie John Analysis

    Ms. Dunitz Freshman Composition 2 11/16/15 My Name is Annie John Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid tells the story of an evolving teenage girl as she comes to terms with her changing feelings about herself and her mother. Throughout the novel, the main character, Annie John observes the world around her in a subjective perspective as she yearns for freedom and self-awareness. Annie’s prominent sense of claustrophobia in growing up leaves her feeling utterly stifled by her parents, her peers, and…

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  • Comparing Catcher In The Rye And Annie John

    Both J. D. Salinger’s, Catcher in the Rye, and Jamaica Kincaid’s, Annie John, are coming-of-age novels that give the reader a window into the character’s mind. The authors create a bond between the reader and their main characters, by sharing the character's innermost thoughts with the readers. By sharing Holden and Annie’s thoughts, the readers have access to information that the other characters in the books do not have. For example, when Holden has just been kicked out of his school and is…

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  • The Voyage By Katherine Mansfield Analysis

    This is a quotation taken from Katherine Mansfield’s short story ‘’The Voyage’’. The story is about a young girl called Fenella, after the death of her mother she went with her grandmother to move in her Grandparent’s house in Picton, which is inspired from Mansfield’s personal life when she had to move out from her home in Wellington, New Zealand to London, England. Mansfield uses imageries, metaphors, and the setting to convey the two main ideas of darkness and light and the transformation of…

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  • Brokeback Mountain Conformity Essay

    some of the rallies are evolving into organized violence. What could possibly cause those protesters to coalesce and act foolishly? In social psychology, people are inclined to conform to the norms or standards of a group or an authority in order to fit in and find their sense of belonging. However, individuals could suffer from the pressure of the norms, and their conformity could lead to terrible results. In Annie Proulx’s short story Brokeback Mountain, Jack’s and Ennis’s pursuits of…

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  • Gender Expectations In Annie John, And My Brother, By Jamaica Kincaid

    Kincaid portrays these gendered concerns through the mother daughter dynamic. The mother connects to the cultural constraints, and serves as the authoritative voice. The mother’s authority outlines the rules for proper female behavior. Through “Girl,” Annie John, and My Brother, Kincaid portrays steps toward breaking away from gendered Antiguan society. Each piece is a successive step in the daughter’s journey, starting in adolescence, and ending in adulthood. As the title suggests, “Girl” is…

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