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  • El Nino Effect

    spaghetti worm in the sediment. This is the same as of fall of 2014; however, the standing stock is 16 for fall of 2015 and the standing stock is 21 for fall of 2014. One last sample in which there is a slight error is the measurement of the light transparency of the seawater. Specifically, at the time of deployment the secchi disc is sunken more than the intention. The reason is because when the secchi disc is going underwater the boat is traveling and thus it is hard to tell the point at which it almost reaches bottom. Thus, this effects the measurement of the water clarity directly, because the secchi disc needs to be at the lowest point possible. Imagine a person fishing using the full extent of their fishing line; however, if they are on a boat and the boat is moving the fishing hook will not reach its ' bottom potential until the boat stops completely . Conclusively, another research cruise may improve their exactness of their results by using better mesh for the sediment samples, using better gloves that resistent to slipper substances such as oil so they may hold and measure slippery fish much better such as the snake fish, and finally making sure the secchi disk is deployed properly by making sure the boat is at a low speed or not moving.…

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  • Spatial Variability In Plankton Communities

    collected in order to analyze the planktonic community present both vertically and horizontally off the coast. Biotic factors such as salinity, temperature and nutrients were also analyzed. Materials and Methods Water Sampling and Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) Measurements Sampling was conducted on September 24th 2016 aboard the R/V Sea Explorer off the coast of Dana Point. Three stations were sampled and are listed as follows with increasing distance from shore: station 3 (Lat.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Perfect Summer At The Beach

    A Perfect Summer at the Beach How lovely it is to begin the day being woken up by the rays of the sun peering through your window! This is how my day began one perfect summer. Even the birds seemed to have come together outside my bedroom window to offer me a melody. How divine! As my fiancé and our girls lay sound asleep, I began to prepare our breakfast. The menu was bacon, eggs, pancakes, and fresh squeeze orange juice for the girls. As the bacon sizzled in the pan, the aroma of black coffee…

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  • Exploring Water Quality In Coastal Environments

    use. At GH, humans built docks, and a fish processing plant. There are multiple sources of trash in the water and rocks along the dock from impervious surfaces, runoff, and humans. At GHB, people and their dogs walk on the beach and swim in the water. There is barely any apparent pollution. The differences between the two sites are important to consider when describing water quality because water quality is frequently poorer in places with more human influences. There were multiple samples…

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  • Loughberry Lake Lab Report

    This experiment was designed to test what the limiting nutrient was in Loughberry Lake, as well as examine the trophic state of the lake. In order to find out what the limiting nutrient was, we performed a few different tests. We began with a secchi disk test to see the transparency of the water. Then, we took water samples that we later used to test the turbidity levels of the water after adding varying amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen. Phosphorous was the limiting nutrient in the lake,…

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  • Essay On Turbidity In Water

    The Secchi transparency is the water depth at which a white disc that usually 20 cm in diameter which will disappear from the view of the observer at the water surface. It is a reliable method and often used to estimate for the rapid measurement of light condition (Lampert and Sommer, 2007). Secchi disc transparency is basically a function of reflection of light from the surface of the disc and therefore is affected by the absorption characteristic of the water and of dissolved and particulate…

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