Personal Narrative: A Perfect Summer At The Beach

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A Perfect Summer at the Beach
How lovely it is to begin the day being woken up by the rays of the sun peering through your window! This is how my day began one perfect summer. Even the birds seemed to have come together outside my bedroom window to offer me a melody. How divine!
As my fiancé and our girls lay sound asleep, I began to prepare our breakfast. The menu was bacon, eggs, pancakes, and fresh squeeze orange juice for the girls. As the bacon sizzled in the pan, the aroma of black coffee wafted heavily through the kitchen waking me up completely. The smell of coffee is intoxicating and the first sip gives me a sense of tranquility…ahhh refreshing!
After breakfast, we changed and prepared to go to the beach. We had planned to go to Narragansett Beach with my fiancé’s family. My girls were so excited that they started preparing the night before so there were not too many things to prepare in the morning other than load them into the car. The planned was for everyone to meet up at my fiancé’s father’s house at 9:30am. As we pulled up the driveway at exactly 9:30am,
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One of them that stuck with me were the children running around, playing, and trying their best to build a sand castle of their own and my daughter Lindsey, having a blast eating the sand. She must have thought that the pile of sand were sugar. As I reminisce of that perfect summer day at the beach, I remember my oldest daughter Trisha and her cousins making their own kiddie pool by digging out the sand and pouring water in it. My fiancé and some of his family members enjoyed waves as it crashed into them then landing into the shore. Kylie and her husband took plenty of photos; capturing the waves that left a smooth white foam on the sea shore. Seeing the lifeguard sitting on the observation tower and their lifeguard chairs gave me a sense of security, making sure everyone is safe while having

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