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  • Personal Narrative: Anger At Porterville High School Football

    Porterville High School frosh-off basketball team. I wasn't the best one on the team, but I did my part. I was always intimidated by all the other girls on the team, this intimidation was controlling me, and it wasn't allowing me to be the person, and player I truly was. I was never loud, rough, nor did I ever play dirty so it came as a big surprise when I got into a fight with another player. It was against our rivals the Moanche High School girls basketball team, so the game was already…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Game

    other sports, but I got over it once we started our off-season work-outs. I thought I could handle anything thrown at my team, until we made it to the Junior Varsity Championship. My team had a great season before the game, but after the game none of that matter. Moreover, I knew I was going to be on a young team with great talent, I just did not know what to expect. Our team was made up of three core players, which were eighth graders, and five solid, complementary players. We started…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Tennis Player

    All my life I’ve played tennis. Usually someone would just think about tennis as two guys or girls hitting a yellow felt ball around a court and grunting/moaning loudly. Not me. I think of it as something much tougher, my greatest challenge. My first visual of the sport happened when I was young. At 5 years-old, I saw my sister at tennis practice (she was 9 years-old) and my big curiosity wanted me to try it. I told my parents I wanted to do the same thing my sister was doing, and they signed…

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  • Club Soccer Versus Recreational Soccer

    player Pushed me to enhance my skills. When I began playing club I realized the extreme differences between Club and Recreational soccer. Recreational soccer had an average of three to four good players on each team. Recreational soccer was meant to be fun but also competitive. Each team also had…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Basketball

    acceptable level. In life you must also learn the basics. You must establish what life is, what it means to you and want you from it. Basketball is a team sport, which means it requires contribution and cooperation from every member in order to play well and win. Everyone must focus, work together and fulfill their individual roles for the common good of the team. Not only was basketball teaching me how to act after a game, but teaching me life lessons. I believe that life isn’t fair, and I…

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  • Team Effectiveness Model Paper

    about hearing feedback, helping to work through the inevitable difficult conversations we would face. We then compared the team processes, as outlined in our contract, to our descriptive patterns of interaction and identified the necessary improvements. Finally, we highlighted each team member’s positive contributions and outlined new opportunities for individual improvement. TEAM MISSION AND CULTURE We, the members of Chester F73524, believe that we have successfully upheld our common purpose…

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  • Graduation Speech: I Am Brittany Risner

    represented my mother, Jamie Gilliam, in her divorce and keeping use safe. First of all, I want to say Thank you for everything you did for my brothers and me. It is because of you that we are free of the fear of having to go on visits. I wanted to also let you know how my life live is going. I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I still love playing volleyball and this year I was the starting setter on the varsity team where we made it to playoffs. My goal is to get a scholarship…

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  • Lacrosse Personal Narrative

    high school club team for my first time ever, I can say they were not a good team. The coach was harsh and tough on the beginners like myself and he made me want to quit playing. Mid way through the season he put me in the game and I had got the ball for the first time ever, I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself. I took the ball down the field and I shot, it felt as if time froze for me. The ball was zooming towards the goal, or at least that is what I had thought.…

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  • Explain How Multi Agency Working Is Effective

    The agencies/professionals that may be involved with this family are a health visitor, as Mr and Mrs Khan have a baby girl that is only 2 months old. The Khan family may also be in contact with a speech and language therapist, because English is the family’s second language, therefore the school that the children are in, may provide one for the children, as they may be behind with their language development. As their daughter has challenging behaviour, the family may be in contact with a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Huskies Vs. The Heat

    Five years in a row, undefeated each season, had the best team in the league. It was just another Sunday afternoon, my team and I were prepared for another championship game. Going into the games we held our heads high, knowing we were the defending champs for five years straight, never losing a game, and absolutely destroying our opponents by large margins of victory. It was the Huskies vs. the Heat, you could say they were our rivals, but we knew that they couldn’t handle the competition we…

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