Analysis Of The Sports Gene By David Epstein

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There are many different beliefs towards what brings us to success. In The Sports Gene by David Epstein, it is explained that innate and physical talents are what allow people to succeed. In Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell explains that effort and practice is what brings us to the top. Epstein and Gladwell both put forth arguments about how much in our lives we control, however, based on evidence Gladwell definitely shows that effort and practice is what we control to make us our best, and he better answers the question, how much of what happens in our lives do we control.

In The Sports Gene, the author David Epstein argues his point that a person's success and achievements are determined by their innate abilities, but his point is shaky and unsound. To begin, Epstein explains Thomas's newfound ability and inexperience with it. Thomas learned how high he could jump in a bet, and began hitting high heights immediately. After just eight months of training, Thomas was already traveling to Osaka, Japan to compete in the World Championship. While he was there, Thomas appeared as "very much unknown quantity." In the beginning of the Olympics, Thomas almost failed, as he was
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Both selections explain a view on how a person reaches their full potential. The Sports Gene by David Epstein, shows a person reaches it with born talent and physicality. The Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, states that effort and driven personalities is how a person becomes their best. Both are good arguments but Gladwell was able to make his better, therefore answering the question on how much a person controls in their lives better. All people need to see the importance of hard work and positivity, so they can bring out the best of themselves, and be the best they can

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