Analysis Of John Wooden's The Pyramid Of Success

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In The Pyramid of Success, thought of by John Wooden, Wooden created a well throughout pyramid of success with specific ideas and tendencies. Wooden defined success as a peace of mind, which comes from direct content with knowing you did the best to become the best that you can be. This pyramid helped him become a successful, good man who led UCLA to ten national championships. The blocks, which created the pyramid, were in a specific order with personal qualities to success, which took many years to create the perfect pyramid. The cornerstones of the pyramid were industriousness and enthusiasm. Industriousness means to that one has to work hard to get what one want because one doesn’t receive whatever they want without doing the work for …show more content…
Wooden took his time, knowing that success takes time and patience. He created a new way of thinking with his pyramid as it is implemented in classrooms, teams and choir. Wooden chose to have the name industriousness as the cornerstone instead of work because it is more than showing up. It is the hardest type of work as you work for the betterment of yourself through your actions. It is being better than yesterday and wanting more. To achieve the grades I want, I need to work hard for them. I need to try my best and not slack off or else I should not be surprised if I have failing grades. Having enthusiasm is important towards your individual and team goals because it is your motivation. No one likes to do something they are not passionate about. Enthusiasm gives the extra boost to keep doing what one does. For an individual, enthusiasm is important because it makes the day more fun and go by quicker. One enjoys what they do. Enthusiasm is important in a team because having someone as a light for the team while all are tired motivates them to keep going. Having a positive outlook on life has helped me because I know that things get better. I am happy with whatever I do, because there is no point in doing something you hate, for example being excited for Treble Choir and rehearsing our songs for the Spring or Christmas concert. I would get my friends excited for C …show more content…
One must be willing to sacrifice personal consideration for the welfare of the entire group. One must put the team before herself to become a successful team. The difference between eagerness and willingness is that willingness is doing something because one has to, while eagerness is doing something not only because one has to but because one wholeheartedly wants to do it. The next two blocks are poise and confidence. Poise is being one’s authentic self and not worrying about other’s comments but staying true to whatever one believes in. “My definition of poise is very simple: being yourself. Therefore, you’ll function near your own level of competence. You understand that the goal is to satisfy not everyone else’s expectations but your own. It takes poise to accomplish this.” (Wooden 189) I have learned to not care what people, who are not friends or family, think, because they do not control my life, and I make my own choices. Confidence is having faith in oneself and being comfortable in one’s own skin. “You must believe in yourself if you expect others to believe in you.” (Wooden 190) I am confident in my work done in school, home and choir. If I am good at something, I will not act like I do not know how to do it because of what others think. I am not afraid to being proud of myself for something I have accomplished, because others will think that I am conceited. I am proud of

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