Personal Experience Essay: Team Game Analysis

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Being a seventh grade middle school girl, trying out for a new sport is very challenging. I was very determined to make the volleyball team that year. I really enjoyed the concept of the sport. When I played in gym I wanted to experience the real deal. I had many setbacks throughout my years in my volleyball career, however I eventually conquered all my obstacles I encountered and I learned from my experiences.
It all started in middle school in my sixth grade gym class. We were all playing a tournament and my team was undefeated. After that exhilarating week of playing volleyball, I then considered playing school volleyball the following year. This is why I wanted to challenge myself by playing a new complex sport.
I shower up the first day of tryouts being excited and anxious, until the coach asked for everyone’s physical form, which I did not have. I was told I had to sit and watch or just leave, because I could not play without a physical form. I was being understanding, so I decided to sit there and watch. I thought that it would be a good learning experience for me by watching the older girl’s techniques of playing. Sitting there really mad everything more clear to me, because when I arrived home that evening I practiced the techniques I noticed from the
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I had everything turned in and ready to go. I was very excited to show them my ability and passion for this sport. When I got in the gym the court was split into two sides, JV/Varsity. The assistant coach came up to me to just pass back and forth to see what skill level I was at, which was very intimidating. I played with everything I had and did a phenomenal job. The assistant coach brought the head coach over to play with us and after a little bit of passing to each other , the coach walked over to me and told me to go on the court where the varsity girls were. I knew at that moment, that if I work hard at something it will show in the

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