Alien Resurrection

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  • Scrambled States Of Immigration Analysis

    order should be allowed to pass for the greater good of the nation and her citizens because the policies in place for immigration are not utilitarian at all. According to federal law, it is illegal to employ and continue to employ a known illegal alien (the Political Guide). Upon discovery for overstaying a visa or entering illegally, an immigrant will be barred from applying for re-entry for five to twenty years depending on the severity of their offenses and frequency. What affect does this…

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  • Unemployer Violations

    This idea was greatly promoted by Congressman Peter Rodino who believed that, “the illegal alien displaces American workers, depresses wages, and burdens the welfare rolls” (Hayes p.49). This comment was directed towards illegal Mexicans who Rodino believed would takeaway the jobs of many Americans. This fear caused the creation of employer sanctions…

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  • Border Security Arguments

    Johnson also stated in his speech that he had his own immigration reform idea called the Comprehensive, Common Sense reform; this reform is like the S.744 bill, granting 11.5 million people citizenship and making changes to secure the border further. He believes that putting more money into border security will help lower the percentage of illegal immigrant’s crossing over into the country. Both Conservatives and Liberals want to have a secure border and to protect our country, but the problem…

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  • Tragic Decisions In Julius Caesar

    Everyone has to make decisions, but making them becomes even more difficult when you are in the spotlight. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, there are many decisions to make, such as; when Caesar came back from Rome, he was offered the crown three times but denies it. He does this because he wants to feel needed; Brutus and the other conspirators realized what Caesar was doing and that he had the chance to be dangerous. With the help of Cassius’s letters, Brutus joined the conspirators, and they…

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  • Economic And Cultural Factors Of International Migration

    International migration is a process wherein people leave their country for another one for a variety of reasons, such as economic and cultural factors. As of 2017, there were 258 million people living in a country other than their country of birth, or 3.4% of the world’s population (UN 2017). Asia, Latin America, and Africa have high numbers of emigrants and low numbers of immigrants, while in North America, Europe, and Oceania, it is the opposite (Rubenstein 85). Several governments in the…

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  • Cut To The Bone Analysis

    Cut To The Bone, by Michael Grabell is an interesting piece centered around the idea that big business takes advantage of the common man. In this case, Case Farms taking advantage of illegal immigrants. The context behind this piece is so much deeper too stretching back decades to really understand why these immigrants are coming here. This article invokes several questions such as does the immigration system need to be reformed? How did we get here, both with the industry and with the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Birthright Citizens

    If the non-citizen parent immediately had a child after becoming married to the American, I do not believe that the child should be granted citizenship. If that were the case, then all every illegal alien would have to do would be to falsely marry someone and have a baby. This may not stop illegal aliens from taking advantage of the system, but it would also cause to be devoted more to the United States simply because they wouldn’t be able to return home whenever they…

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  • Assimilation By Eugene Gloria Essay

    Every day thousands of people are leaving behind their home countries to move away for one reason or another. With each individual that enters into a new country, there are different challenges, new experiences, and new opportunities for them. Leaving behind everything a person knows can be very daunting and sometimes very difficult to assimilate to the new society. From young children into adulthood, everyone has had a desire to feel like they belong somewhere. The efforts to fit into a certain…

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  • Analysis Of Border Fencing Is Bad Policy By Melanie Mason

    “Border Fencing Is Bad Policy” According to Melanie Mason, the author of “Border Fencing Is Bad Policy”, the United States should not build a fence that spans the border of Mexico. There are 12 million undocumented immigrants living in America, and the author claims that a fence will stop nothing. The government has been trying to put more barriers between America and severely restrict immigration, but according to Mason, “the border fence is a political band-aid for a larger policy problem.” By…

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  • Parents Are Illegal Immigrants

    The lives of every person are affected by everything positive or negative happening around them. My life has been affected by different situations I have had to experience. An experience that has had a big impact on who I have become is that my parents were illegal immigrants up to when I was 11 years old. Luckily I did not have to be separated from my parents like other children in the U.S., In my opinion, there shouldn’t be situations where children are separated from their mother or father…

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