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  • Analysis Of Experiential Learning Activity: The Sex Lives Of Robots

    Experiential Learning Activity #1: Field Trip to Museum of Sex As a women, gender and sexuality major, I have always pondered the sociological and cultural implications of having labels regarding sexual orientation and gender dynamics. The existence of a sexual orientation dichotomy, which places the heterosexual label in a domain of power, marginalize those who do not associate or identify with heteronormative ideals and markers. Being able to take this course on the psychological perspective…

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  • Essay On The Sexual Revolution Of The 1960's

    In the 1960 's many changes occurred in America that questioned traditional society. From these questions, movements like the Sexual Revolution began to flourish. According to historian Beth Bailey, the sexual revolution of the 1960’s “was built on equal measures of hypocrisy and honesty, equality and exploitation” (Bailey 259). However, the sexual revolution did not consist of just one single movement. Multiple movements transpired at the same time, including the developments amongst women,…

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  • Adlerian Therapy Case Study

    Due to numerous unavoidable circumstances, children grow under extremely diverse environments. Whereas the majority of children are exposed to healthy surroundings, others encounter various forms of traumatic events. Adverse childhood experiences within families have been found to come with detrimental repercussions as far as an individual’s mental and physical health is concerned (Anna E. Austin, 2014). However, various theoretical orientations are used to explain different tendencies and…

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  • Analysis Of Wong Kar-Wai's Chung King Express

    Chung King Express has been celebrated for its innovative use of popular cinematic formulas. This is because of Hong Kong new wave film movement. This movement derived from the French new wave is to rebel against conventions. It is to experiment with new equipment and styles, making a social and political statement at the same time. Wong Kar-Wai tries to make a statement about Hong Kong at the time as Hong Kong was being handed back to Peoples republic of China. Wong Kar-Wai experiments with…

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  • Adlerian Theory Vs Reality Therapy

    Alfred Adler worked with Sigmund Freud as part of the psychoanalytic movement, but he disagreed with his principles and parted ways from Freud. Adler did not think that human behavior could be based on biological determination instead he believes that social…

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  • Abraham Maslow, And Jung's Personality Theory

    knew a lot about my personality, but I have been able to dig a lot deeper in the process of writing this paper. I have applied Alfred Adler’s, Abraham Maslow’s, and Carl Jung’s personality theories to my own personality. In the process of doing so, I have learned a lot about myself and about the way that other people around me view my personality. According to Alfred Adler, each individual develops superiority in a unique way. This is called our style of life. There are four primary types of…

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  • French New Wave Film Analysis

    The French New Wave, also known as La Nouvelle Vague in its home country, France, came to be during the 1950s and 1960s. It was created by a group of French filmmakers who proved that they don’t need mainstream cinema to create and produce successful films. Even if the New Wave wasn’t really a conscious movement it left a legacy with films like À bout de soufflé/Breathless (written and directed by Jean-Luc Goddard). French New Wave rejected the idea of a traditional story in films – they didn’t…

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  • Stalker The Room Analysis

    Stalker (1979) is Tarkovsky’s last film made in the Soviet Union (154). An open-ended question is left by the film: what is the Zone? The Zone is a fictional location that contains elements of fantasy and mystery, such as the wish-granting Room. Nevertheless, the way Tarkovsky films this reflects an attitude of realism. This approach allows the audience to relate life to the themes of the film, salvation through the faith in God, dignity, and love. In the film, the Stalker describes the Zone as…

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  • Black Swan Movie Analysis

    Black Swan: A Movie Analysis “I felt it. What? Perfect. I was perfect.” The movie starts with a ballerina dancing to a musical piece beautifully, and then enters a hideous black bird, which seems to torture the ballerina. The young and naïve ballerina is our protagonist, Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman. The ballet company she works in, opens for a new season. The director announces that the season will open with an ambitious adaption of “Swan Lake” with a new face. Nina dreams that…

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  • The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book Analysis

    The Great Gatsby comparison and contrast between the book and the 1974 movie. The difference between the ways the book expresses and shows the characters then in the movie, but the movie helps you understand the plot and storyline better. The 1974 movie uses vision to show the characters filled with emotion while the book uses dialogue. The Great Gatsby plot and setting in the movie and book are mostly the same. Most of the movie used things from the book, but some things were changed. The 1974…

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