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  • Conflict In Northern Ireland Essay

    Explain to what extent conflict in northern Ireland has now been resolved. Thy Good Friday agreement Northern Ireland has been subject to much conflict throughout the 20th century, the Good Friday agreement of April 10th 1998 was the latest attempt at bringing peace to the troubled nation. Its aim was to set up a power sharing assembly to govern Northern Ireland, by cross community consent; so essentially, Ireland could run itself again. It was reached after two years of talks, because the key…

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  • What Are The Implications Of Whether Dylan And Sullivan Entered Into Valid Leases

    This agreement is prima facie consistent with the Street v Mountford exclusive possession, rental payments, and certainty of term requirements. However, there is doubt that this agreement satisfies the LPA 1925 requirements that any lease of less than three years’ duration includes the best rent ‘reasonably obtainable’. The agreed £100 per week…

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  • Boomerang Buyers Essay

    contract has expired and the seller and buyer are in agreement, the house can be…

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  • Lucy V Zehmer Case Summary

    contract, the next day he focused on getting the money. The night they met at the restaurant, Zehmer had told Lucy that he couldn’t get the money that night. The court could have based the contract solely on that night; they could have said that the agreement was for that night only. Another point that could have been made, was due to the fact that both men had been drinking…

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  • Texas Contract Law Case Summary

    allegations, the contract images, and a review of Texas Contract law. Based on the language and the images of the contract, I don’t believe there are any defenses specifically stated. There is no termination clause that would allow Ms. L to end the agreement. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that there is a breach of contract with regard to the services that Ms. Lowe was to receive. Ms. L may have a claim for fraudulent inducement. Fraudulent inducement has four elements: (1) false…

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  • Case Study: Landlord-Tenant Law

    Landlord-Tenant Law Landlords and tenants both have rights and accountabilities in the development of an ownership agreement. All parties must have a clear understanding of what the lease terms mean to avoid issues. When a property owner and a renter signs on leasing a house, trailer, or etc., many things need to be made clear, including the cost of the payment, the date the rent due, limits on late fees, length of the ownership, if he or she pays for utilities (like gas, electricity, or etc.)…

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  • Simon V Huddersford Bookshop Case Study

    A contract is an agreement that legally binds the parties involved. Alternatively, it can be defined as a promise or a set of the same that are enforceable by law. By getting into an agreement, parties acquire obligations and rights which are enforceable by the court of law. The main method through which such agreements may be enforced is by the award of damages although in many cases the court may order the defaulting party to perform a specific action to compensate the aggrieved party. In…

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  • Dorothy And Brian Case Study

    The agreement was intended to be legally enforceable contract of dealing by both Emily and Rachael in a commercial relationship. Both parties had agreed the contract terms and the payment for the puppy had already been made so the contract had been concluded.Thereafter…

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  • Revana 5 Year Contract Case

    Provided below is the explanation as to why we agreed to the terms of the agreement that are provided. Each key issue is discussed separately. These are the facts and reasoning behind why we belief this contract is in your best interest.  Length of Contract Our initial goal for you was to get a 2-year contract. It became clear that ReVana wanted a longer contract agreement. The company was talking about a 4 or 5-year deal. They were choosing to barter the length of the contract with the…

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  • Sculpara Vs Eric Case Study

    1) SCULPTURa v Eric The agreement between SCULPTURa (S) and Eric (E) contains clear express terms: E is to supply a suitable piece of his land to accommodate S’s major art exhibition for a rental fee. Contractual rights and obligations can either be written, oral or inferred by conduct. Since there was no formal contract drafted between S and E, written or signed by either party, this agreement is, therefore, an oral contract; legitimised by both a handshake and consideration in the form of…

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