Importance Of Simla Agreement Essay

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Pakistan and India got independence from Colonial power and are neighbors. It is necessary to maintain cordial relation with neighbours for internal stability and peace. That’s why both countries, Pakistan and India, had started maintaining their diplomatic relation from Nehru Liaquat times. Simla Agreement was the eighth step between India and Pakistan towards this aim. It was signed, to normalize the situation and to settle the pre war issue of 1971, between Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Indira Ghandi.
It distinguish from all peace agreements as it laid emphasized on bilateral talks and denied intervention of any third party. It somewhat questioned the diplomatic skill of Prime Minister of India, Indira Ghandi and personified the tactics of President of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The Agreement have a kind of secret in itself as it
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It gave the notion that some military high command did not want to normalize the tense relation. Besides the attitude of Pakistani Government i.e., G.M.Jatoi and Qadar Ambalvi showed aggressiveness. The credibility of the Summit came into questioned when Bhutto showed change in tone in an interview with the American Broadcasting Corporation and Oriana Fallaci.
Importance of Simla Agreement and Pakistan
It is to clarify here that to maintain the peaceful diplomatic relation with India was not the choice, it was compulsion for Bhutto. The domestic politics, public demonstration, POW’s, lost territory and Bangladesh liberation were the facts which compelled Bhutto to have peace terms with India. Probably, Bhutto was aware of the weak position of Pakistan. Therefore, He decided to visit Moscow in April and told them his desire to establish the durable peace in the Indian Subcontinent. Some scholars are of the view that Bhutto wanted U.S.S.R to convey the stand of Pakistani Government, of cooperation, to

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