Agatha Christie's Poirot

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  • Dr Armstrong Mystery

    Then There Were None is a murder mystery about ten people who are invited to an island by a mysterious host and one by one they are killed off. The good guy act from Dr. Armstrong leads to his character seeming incredibly suspicious. In the novel by Agatha Christie, Justice Wargrave is seen as the murderer for many. However, through investigating motive and opportunity, Dr. Armstrong can be proven guilty of murdering seven out of the nine other people who went to Soldier Island. Dr.…

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  • Mr Younger A Raisin In The Sun

    The drama “A Raisin in the Sun” illustrates a variety of different characters all in which consume immense personalities. Out of all the characters, Mrs. Younger stood out the most. Her family called her “mama.” She was once married to Mr. Younger who had passed away at the beginning of the play. The couple had two children, a son and a daughter. Their son’s name was Walter Lee who married Ruth. Beneatha was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Younger and she was not married but had a boyfriend. Mrs.…

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  • Sophie Neveu's The Da Vinci Code

    The Da Vinci Code is a murder-mystery story set in Paris, France and is about the mysterious murder of a museum curator and member of a secret society. The main characters are Robert Langdon, an american professor and Sophie Neveu, a french cryptologist and the granddaughter of the curator. While investigating the murder they get pulled into the word of secrets, lies, and power. Leading to a revelation about Jesus and the Holy Grail. The book deals with a lot of hidden messages in world-famous…

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  • The Louvre Museum, By Dan Brown

    The Louvre Museum curator was murdered with some codes and mysterious clue behind it. Robert Langdon, Harvard Iconology and symbology professor is summon by the police to solve the mystery behind the ruthless murder, with Sophie Neveu a French Cryptologist. Their journey to solve the mystery behind the curator’s death leads them to discovery of the Priory of Sion, the secret society that holds the truth about religious conspiracy. Dan Brown wrapped this amazing story with remarkable details with…

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  • Janie Bolitho Essay

    Janie Bolitho was an American author made famous for her detective crime mystery series. She also wrote under the alias Jodie Sinclair for a variety of freestanding novels. Just like many other authors, Bolitho fits the cliché of following the clichéd working life before and during their writing career. Just like many fellow published writers, earning a living was never a separate pursuit from her writing as she drew a lot of her stories from her previous working experiences. Before becoming a…

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  • The Body In The Library Character Analysis

    The Body in the Library, a novel written by Agatha Christie in the early twentieth century, women play a very vital role in helping to uncover the hidden truths throughout the novel (Thinkers View). Agatha Christie, a woman author who could be described as being a feminist, primarily wrote novels about detective fiction, mysteries, and secrets. Christies works symbolized the battle women during this time period were faced with while fighting for enhancement and equality of their rights. The main…

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  • The Dangerous Edge Of Thing Analysis

    Tina Whittle is an American author best known for writing a series of mysteries the most popular of which is the Tai Randolph mystery series of novels. Her short stories have been featured in Mystery Magazine by Alfred Hitchcock, and in The Savannah Literary Journal. The short story Lost Causes and Other Reasons to Live was also featured on Gulf Stream and was the winner of the 2004 Mystery Fiction contest. She is a two time Georgia Author of the Year Award nominee and is a member of the Sisters…

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  • Arlington Heights Play Analysis

    The play that I attended was The 39 Steps at the Metropolis theatre in Arlington Heights is an adaptation of an Alfred Hitchcock movie that was based on a novel written by John Buchan. The play was adapted by Partick Barlow and directed by David Belew. The type of plot that was followed was a cinematic with some presentational elements. Overall, the presentational elements paired with the comical elements of the play worked very well together and created a delightful experience. The play…

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  • And Then There Were None Suspense Essay

    Suspense can be defined in many different ways. Either it is a buildup of tension, a moment with high anxiety for what will happen next, or some other way you may define it yourself. Agatha Christie knew the definition of suspense very well, and used it all the time in her many, many mystery novels, including And Then There Were None. One way Christie was able to incorporate suspense in And Then There Were None was with a process of elimination of the characters. Since the first two deaths, of…

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  • Ten Little Niggers Analysis

    London. The play was based on the short story 'Three Blind Mice', and was produced in 1952 in Nottingham and London. The original company at the Ambassadors Theatre included Richard Attenborough as the detective. Christie's marriage broke up in…

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