The Louvre Museum, By Dan Brown

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The Louvre Museum curator was murdered with some codes and mysterious clue behind it. Robert Langdon, Harvard Iconology and symbology professor is summon by the police to solve the mystery behind the ruthless murder, with Sophie Neveu a French Cryptologist. Their journey to solve the mystery behind the curator’s death leads them to discovery of the Priory of Sion, the secret society that holds the truth about religious conspiracy. Dan Brown wrapped this amazing story with remarkable details with the mixture of history and mystery which makes this novel a page turning suspense.
In Chapter 3, Dan Brown writes about Langdon views about Paris atmosphere while he was thinking about the death of the curator in his way to the murder scene. Through out his journey to Louvre Museum with one of the cops, he saw the Eiffel Tower, which recalls his promised to Victoria to meet again at the most romantic spot every six month. He also passed the
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I agree with that, since the details of his writing really describes Robert Langdon views about Paris and the atmosphere of each scene of the story which make the readers feels like they really are in Paris. The way he describes the Louvre Museum, he wrote “Shaped like enormous horse shoe the Louvre was the longest farther than three Eiffel Tower laid end to end” (Brown, D., 2003). The readers may not have been to Louvre Museum, but to make the readers imagine it right on target. I love idea of making the setting of the story based on the real life. It convince the reader that the story is not based on fantasy, where most of the fantasy stories did. That is not happening in The Da Vinci Code since the readers may have the feeling that all of this were real. I like how Dan Brown in his writing employ metaphor to express Robert Langdon feelings by writing “I’m trapped in Salvador Deli paintings” which basically express confusion and portray an unreal

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