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  • Mommy Makeover Research Paper

    When the Nipple Areola is above the Inframammary Fold but the Breast Gland sags below the fold the condition is called Glandular Ptosis. Abdominal laxity is the term used to describe sagging of the lower Abdomen or Tummy. In some people the two Abdominal Muscles that form the "six pack" split or separate, a condition called Diastasis Recti, which is a separation of the two muscles named Rectus Abdominus. Stretch marks, red or pink areas of thin skin on the…

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  • Seppuku: The Samurai's Ritual Suicide

    Besides their training and protecting others with their lives the samurai were interesting because of their ritual suicide. A ritual suicide was mandatory for samurai because if they had failed in such a way as losing to an enemy, they would have to commit suicide to keep their honor for their family.There are different ways to commit Seppuku, a ritual suicide, and different steps to what was done before and during the suicide. There are many different ways to commit a ritual suicide, but the…

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  • Dubas Bug Ommatissus Lybicus Case Study

    pale gray in colour. They characterize with obvious dark patches on both sides of the thorax and abdomen segments. The first instars have no lines on the thorax and abdomen dorsal surface. Second nymphal instars are 1.3 – 2.25 mm long. Two lines of dark brown spots formed on the thorax and abdominal dorsal surface. Third nymphal instars are 1.6 - 2.68 mm long. The dorsal surface of the thorax and abdomen characterized by two longitudinal lines. Fourth nymphal instars are 2.18 - 4 mm long. They…

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  • Client's Case Study: Acute Pain

    Head. Client has symmetrical structure without deformities or lesions. Her hair is wavy and thick. Client’s scalp is without tenderness, lesions, pests, or flaking. Her facial movements are strong, appropriate, and symmetrical. The client is able to detect sharp and dull sensations on her forehead, cheek, and chin. Eyes. The client’s vision is 20/30 in her left eye and 20/200 in her right eye with the Snellen chart. Her gaze is steady and fixed without nystagmus. The client’s conjunctiva is…

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  • Hocm Case Studies

    Introduction In this assignment, I be given 1 case study which is A 75 years old female patient was scheduled for a CT Abdomen with contrast media (CM) administration. There is no detail information on CM history, but the patient reported with lower limb swelling, high blood pressure and high protein in the urine. A recent test on BUN and creatinine level also was high. She is currently on a medication. Condition of patient Based on the sign and symptoms that be mention erlier this patient…

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  • Diverticulitis Research Paper

    pockets of tissue will push out of the colon walls, this process is called a diverticulum. Diverticulitis could affect any part of the colon, but it's mostly affects the s-shaped part of the colon. It will end up affecting the lower left part of the abdomen. A single pouch is named diverticulum, but for…

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  • Breast Reconstruction Research Paper

    kinds of breast reconstruction procedures. TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis muscle) breast reconstruction is one type of a procedure that uses tissue from another part of your body (flap procedure). In this procedure, tissue and muscle from your abdomen are used to reconstruct your breast. There are two types of TRAM flaps: • Pedicle TRAM flap. ○ The tissue and muscle from your belly stay connected to their original blood supply. ○ The tissue and blood vessels are tunneled under the…

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  • Enlarged Spleen Essay

    of splenic torsion or trauma, the veterinarian may need to remove all or part of the cat's spleen (splenectomy). This will be done in the hospital under general anesthesia. During surgery, the veterinarian will make a small incision in the cat's abdomen. The entire spleen or affected portion of the spleen will be removed and the blood vessels attached to the spleen will be clamped and tied. The incision site will then be closed. Surgery may also be necessary to remove any tumors or masses that…

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  • C Diff Case Studies

    function was normal, without evidence of microscopic or macroscopic hematuria. She was found to have an elevated ESR, AST, ALT and alkaline phosphatase with normal bilirubin levels. Imaging studies including abdominal ultrasound, CT abdomen and pelvis, MR angiogram of the abdomen and pelvis, were unremarkable. Work-up such as ANA, ANCA, HIV and hepatitis panel were normal. Colonoscopy and upper endoscopy were negative.…

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  • Cycladic Sculpture Essay

    The Female Form in Cycladic Sculpture The Cyclades are a group of about thirty small islands located in the southwestern part of the Aegean sea. To the west and north of the island lies mainland Greece and to the east is Turkey. The Cycladic culture which flourished in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age is best known for its precise and schematic figurines carved from the islands’ marble. The ancient Greeks noticed that they formed a circle around the sacred island of Delos, which contains…

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