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  • Hirschsprung's Disease Research Paper

    Hirschsprung's Disease Hirschsprung's disease is a condition that affects the large intestine (colon) and causes problems with using the restroom properly. The condition is present at birth as a result of missing nerve cells in the muscles of the baby's colon. A newborn who has Hirschsprung's disease usually can't have a bowel movement in the days after birth. In mild cases, the condition might not be detected until later in childhood. Uncommonly, Hirschsprung's disease is…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Unhealthy Food Choices

    offered by my school and I had always been able to maintain a steady weight. My entire world was flipped upside down one day in freshman physics when a sharp pain in my abdomen hit me so hard I nearly lost consciousness. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in my teacher’s office with the school nurse looking me over and poking at my abdomen while asking lots of questions. Ever since freshman year in high school it has been an uphill battle dealing with and managing constant abdominal pain.…

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  • Crayfish And Starfish Similarities

    This last month, in AP Biology, the class completed the dissection of a starfish, followed by a crayfish. With the experience of these labs, comparisons can be made between many aspects of these two organisms. These aspects suited for comparison include the body plans and symmetry of starfish and crayfish, the science behind their need and ability to move, how each organism obtains oxygen and distributes it therefore throughout the body, the processes of their digestive and nervous system, and…

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  • Essay On Neuroblastoma

    glands, but can also begin in the abdomen, chest, or tissue surrounding the spine. Neuroblastoma commonly spreads to surrounding lymph…

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  • Serial Killers: The Identity Of Jack The Ripper

    first they weren't sure if she was either passed out drunk or dead, so they hastily went to seek for help! Her throat had been deeply severed in two locations, nearly beheading her, and her lower abdomen partially ripped open by a deep, sharp wound. The killer had also made several other cuts in her abdomen with the same knife. The doctor who had arrived at the scene to examine her body had estimated her time of death to be less than 30 minutes from the time she'd been found. A witness had…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Small Animal Veterinarian

    The first step to spaying is a “small incision is made on the lower part of the abdomen” (The Vet House 1), Once the incision is made, the veterinarian moves the internal organs and muscles that are covering the ovaries. When the ovaries are located, both it and the uterus are “tied off and then removed using a scalpel” (The Vet House…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Mary Jane Kelly

    turned out to be a woman by the name of Mary Jane Kelly. She was found naked on her bed with her back hitting the mattress, her head turned left with her eyes wide open. The legs were spread apart with her insides carved open. Her abdomen and thighs were removed. Kelly’s abdomen was found in the next bed after hers. The bed was bathed with Kelly’s blood, as well as, the floor (Schachner). She was only 25 years old. The question that’s being asked is who did this? Joseph Barnett killed Mary Jane…

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  • Treatment Of Women In Film

    actually Mrs Arup Basu) and the hardened criminal Damji would have seemed ludicrous in the film had it not employed the shock technique. Damji fells Vidya with a kick on her abdomen and aims the gun to wipe out the last piece of living evidence, but what happens next stupefies him. He sees the weak woman pulling out a prosthetic abdomen and while he tries to figure out why she would fake a pregnancy, Vidya strikes the gun away from his hand, pulls out her hair pin and thrusts it first into his…

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  • Vital Signs: Ectopic Pregnancy

    trap the egg, where, if fertilized, it will grow in place. The walls of the fallopian tube are inelastic, and as the egg grows, the tube will eventually rupture, usually occurring after six to ten weeks. Blood vessels break and blood pours into the abdomen. “Without treatment, women often die” (Massad, 2007). Richards was lucky, and she received an emergency operation, where torn muscle and embryonic tissue were cut out and her uterus was sown back together. Unfortunately, this rendered her…

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  • Essay On Abdominoplasty

    becomes wrinkled and flabby. Diet and exercise cannot help keep the skin firm in this case. So we turn to tummy tucks. A tummy tuck, more properly termed as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure done to a patient to remove excess skin or fat in the abdomen area as well as help tighten the muscles there. This procedure is also done to correct certain conditions that normally happen when a person successfully loses extra pounds through other means, but has tons of extra skin left, leaving the…

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