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  • Analysis Of The Poem Here By Szymborska

    The poem “Here” by Wislawa Szymborska is a persuasive poem about life on the Earth. Szymborska carefully describes different aspects of life on Earth in this poem and talks about how people are. Also, Szymborska uses diction, tone, repetition, and analogies to persuade and show that living on Earth is not as bad as it seems. The poem “Here” begins with the speaker talking about emotions, tools, and objects that are available on Earth with a casual tone. The speaker then states that “There…

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  • The Effects Of Deforestation

    population is living in capital city Ulaanbaatar and rest of the population is spread all over the country and living in nomadic life style but last few years, they tend to not move from one place to another. The number of nomads has significantly decreased over the last years. Nomads move to the capital city because they attracted by city lights and perceived advantages of urban life. But it is leading to high unemployment rate because they don’t know where to work. That’s why Mongolian…

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  • Differences Between Gene And Finny In A Separate Peace

    have many personality traits that make them similar but they also have very different interests in life. For example, Gene is mainly focused on his academics, while Phineas is very athletic and he is not too concerned about school or his grades. Knowles uses these two sets of characteristics to portray how two divergent people change as they mature and decide what path they choose to follow in life. Although Gene and Phineas have these unlike attributes, it is Phineas’ enjoyment of adventure,…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Swimmer And Good Country People

    and opinions from people in society. Neddy tries to swim to his fantasy world in order to find comfort from his actual life where everything was predictable and he would drink non-stop. Neddy Merrill has been drinking a lot and he goes to the pool to swim: “He was breathing deeply, stertorously as if he could gulp into his lungs…

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  • Analysis Of At Mornington And Mother Who Gave Me Life By Gwen Harwood

    Harwood’s poems are as much about love and life as they are about death and loss. Gwen Harwood once wrote that one must immerse themselves in the shades by confronting harrowing truisms, namely an awareness of life’s brevity and death’s inevitability, in order to find solace in difficult times. While Harwood’s poems consider death as a plaguing concern, she does not remain morbidly transfixed on grief and loss. A celebration of significant relationships with loved ones and reflecting upon fond…

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  • Symbolism In Thanatopsis

    breathe will share thy destiny.” I also believe that we are not alone through the death process. I will meet those who are close to me, who have passed on before me, but those that I leave behind will also join me. I do not have very many beliefs about life and death that contradict this poem. I have never thought about grave decorations before, when I think about death frequently. In this poem he explains how the mountains and nature are the decorations on the grave. In line numbers 41-45 they…

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  • The Relationship Between God And God

    still manages to comfort everyone all the time and work everything for his own good. For instance Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” While this life may throw trials, and complications, God always holds the answers, ready to embolden his children. Many theologians labor over the…

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  • Analysis Of Euroley Bridge Ecosystem

    Students of Yr. 11, Marian Catholic College biology class, took on the role of a field officer for the Department of Environment and Climate Change to investigate the biological community present near Euroley Bridge, Yanco. During their time, they were to observe the various organisms that are found in the ecosystem, taking into account their surroundings amid this process. They were provided with a booklet that had various activities which were intrinsic to their Field reports such as a site…

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  • Theme Of Death In 'To An Athlete Dying Young'

    a misfortune but actually has a positive result. Through Housman use of parallel structure, diction, and symbols Housman reassures the athlete that his or her death was at a pivotal point for the athlete’s legacy; as a result of the athlete’s short life, he will not have to suffer from fading glory. Housman justifies the tragic death of this young athlete by drawing parallel structure between his glory and death. In Housman’s poem, it presents…

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  • Analysis Of T. C. Boyle's Caviar

    Perhaps unbeknownst to the reader, the author’s attributed value of life provides only half of a very important theme to be combed from the story. The final passage describes a very distinct image of Nathaniel exaltedly holding valuable caviar. However, better thematic understanding does not arise from the action of holding…

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