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  • Moana In Tuua Island: The Legend Of Motunui Island

    Moana is a curious young girl who is raised on Motunui Island. She is drawn to the ocean as soon as she can walk and has a connection with it, the ocean makes way for her as to protect her and draw her closer in. The movie starts off with Moana’s grandmother, aka “the crazy island lady” as she refers to herself and she is telling a story which appears to be a legend to young children. It’s about the trick playing demigod Maui who stole the Mother Island Te Fiti’s heart thousands of years ago. Eventually, everyone and everything will die because of this curse. Moana looks in awe as her grandmother explains how the ocean chose somebody to find Maui and return the heart to Te Fiti and end the curse. Chief Tui, who is Moana’s father is extremely…

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  • Easter Island Disappearance

    Easter Island a wonder of the world always questioned by scientists and historians for years. The chilean island in the south west pacific, has geographical wonders. Known to the native people as the Rapi Nui, it was named Easter Island when a European traveler discover the island first time on Easter day. The people of the island mysteriously vanished, but not entirely there are still descendants that live in polynesia. The big question is how did the ancient people suddenly disappears, and…

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  • Essay On Ellis Island

    Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor, was the largest immigration station in America. It was created in response to the nation’s growing concerns of the unmanaged influx of immigrants and to handle the immorality and the nepotism that bogged down the entire system, as shown at the Castle Garden station. Ellis Island changed the lives of many Americans and immigrants alike and set a new course of American history. Ellis Island was owned by Samuel Ellis around the American Revolution, but…

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  • Essay On Deserted Island

    Imagine a deserted island, far away from the city and its bright lights, in a place no one has ever heard before. It could be called a paper town or a ghost town. However know that nothing and no one is there. Now imagine being stranded on that exact island. Panic and fear are the only emotions being felt. But the island is not empty anymore, for now its population is three. Now resided by three of the worst people, Sarah from “Ah Love! Ah Me!”, Barett from “Take Over Bos’n” and Fear, the…

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  • The Island Movie Analysis

    CI 4311W Jiwoong YOO Ethical issues related the movie “The Island” Introduction In the contemporary era, we are in the highly developed technical world, and we are taking huge advantage in quality of life including the medication and treatment. Corresponding to the human’s urge to live longer and live healthier, there are many researches conducted on the biological field as well. Although the human cloning is strictly restricted in these days, the movie “Island” is dealing with the possibility…

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  • Hhoenix Island Analysis

    For Nelson 's 21st birthday, Edward gave his son a 4 acre island that Nelson would suggestively designate as Phoenix Island. At the time of this gift, 1920, there were few trees taller than Nelson who stood 5 ' 9” due to a ferocious fire on the island around 1913. Nelson who knew the island before the fire likened the idea of the island 's recovering plants as a Phoenix, the mythological bird that cyclicly rises itself from the dead. A significant part of Nelson 's childhood was influenced by…

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  • Analysis Of Bruny Island

    1.0 Introduction Data collection on Bruny Island yielded several readings associated with climate, topography, and GPS. These readings have been analysed using visual techniques before refining to report on the reasoning behind the different trends in the datasets. As Bruny Island experiences (a general) North-Westerly wind direction, it became evident that vegetation and the topography of one sand dune transect would impose an effect on the recorded wind speed (or velocity) readings. The…

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  • Flashbacks In Shutter Island

    In the film, Shutter Island, flashbacks are used to explain what happened in Andrews life that lead him to being in a mental hospital. A specific scene where Andrew flashbacks about his wife, Dolores, standing in a room, that could be their old apartment, dry in the yellow dress telling him that he cannot leave yet. Andrew falls asleep in the bunk beds of his room alongside the workers of shutter island dreaming about his wife. This is a scene in the film where we get an understanding of Andrews…

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  • Roanoke Island Summary

    He sent explorers Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to explore the island. They were the first to set eyes on the island and wrote glowing reports of Roanoke Island. When Amadas and Barlowe returned a year later with two natives, Manteo and Wanchese, all of Britain was excited with talk of the New World and its wonders. Raleigh went to the Queen and asked permission to name the island Virginia in honor of her, "the Virgin Queen" in hopes she would give him more money for the expeditions. She…

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  • Analysis Of Shutter Island

    Rachel Solando was classified as a dangerous patient because she murdered her three children. As the investigation goes on, Teddy Daniels starts to suspect there are dark secrets hidden in Shutter Island and is willing to discover them. Daniels begins suffering from major migraines provoked by the nasty smell of the hospital. In order to do the investigation, Daniels has to fight his dark flashbacks. Daniels cannot keep both feet on the ground during the investigation and ends up losing his…

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