Why Did Easter Island Collapse

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Easter Island was quite an experience of a new location for settlers and showed the inadequate use of resources that were accessible to the new inhabitants. It showed how desperate and inhumane people became at the extinction of valuable resources on this island. These new owners of land were quickly befallen at the expense of most of their lives and all of the natural resources. The main idea of internal collapse focuses on the issues that man has faced since the beginning of sharpening a stone or stick. As man became a hunter, and skilled with weapons, he began to kill animals and other people in large quantities. This was probably due to land ownership disputes and the need of the certain land or animal. Big game animals were all but killed off in the few short years after the invention of hunting, except in areas that were beneficial to the hunted. In place of the hunted animals, the need for another source of food was predominant. …show more content…
They sought out the resources like trees, nesting birds, and even their dogs were either eaten or used until its extinction. Wood was a valuable item to those on Easter Island and was fought for against other tribes. This was due to all of the trees being cut down and used to either build houses or used as a way to haul statues. When they cut down all the trees and had used almost all of the wood, stones with carvings and certain markings on them were used as shade. Since wood became the only way of escape from the island and noted item of value, many islanders began to live in caves and hide the wood with them. These desperate people of the island even went to the extremes of burning down the villages of other islanders, conducting wars with other tribes, and even having cannibal feasts. This was probably a key survival tool of the ruthless killers for the needed and extinct source of food that they had otherwise exterminated from the

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