The Last Leaf Essay

  • Theme Of Irony In O Henry

    O. Henry 's three stories, “A Retrieved Reformation,” “The Gift of the Magi,” and “The Last Leaf” demonstrates the talent of this writer. In all three of these stories, unique literary techniques are used to create plot twists and unexpected turns. A common literary technique used in O. Henry 's three stories is irony, which is used to create a humorous and surprising effect. In addition, O. Henry uses foreshadowing in all three stories in order to build suspense as the reader anticipates the surprise ending. The theme that is conveyed throughout “A Retrieved Reformation” is that people can change. Jimmy Valentine is sent to prison because he breaks into banks. Surprisingly, he is freed from prison before his sentence finishes. Jimmy continues to rob banks, and as the cops investigate they know Jimmy is behind all the crimes. He steals from three different safes until he reaches a town called Elmore. In Elmore he sees a girl named Annabel Adams. In order to pursue this girl, he changes his name to Ralph Spencer and decides to settle in Elmore. He starts a shoe business and becomes successful. He stays a year in Elmore, establishing himself as a nice, hard working man and becomes friends with everyone. Ralph is now going to marry Annabel Adams. Before the marriage, the Adams family, including Ralph, went to Anabel’s father’s bank to see the new safe he had just installed. Two of the children were playing around the safe and one got trapped inside. Ralph turns back into Jimmy,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay O And The Gift Of The Magi

    very famous short story writer back in the 18-1900’s. His stories were known for the surprise endings. Recently I was assigned an unusual but very interesting assignment in my English class: to take a look at 2 of his short stories ‘The Gift Of The Magi’, and ‘The Last Leaf’, and do a compare and contrast essay also using 3 literary devices. Professor taught us to be very careful with how you write this essay, so after spending hours reading the short stories over, I’ve come up with 3 literary…

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  • The Simplest Complexity In The Short Story, 'O. Henry'

    The Simplest Complexity William Sydney Porter, otherwise known by his pen name, O. Henry, is a very influential American short story writer in the world of literature. “The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown faith”, and such is the way he led his life (O. Henry). He undeniably sacrificed an unadventurous, mundane existence for one that yielded a wide range of occupations, acquaintances, and experiences that greatly influenced his writing. O. Henry was…

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  • How To Mowing The Lawn

    Developing one’s work ethic can come from completing numerous simple chores in a household. Once this work ethic is developing, one is more likely to accomplish tasks rather than put them off. The hard labor of mowing the lawn brings a sense of accomplishment when everything is complete. Initially, a laborer needs to acquire the appropriate equipment to set-up the task of mowing the lawn. In order to find this equipment, one needs to find the correct location which in this case is the garage.…

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  • Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem Analysis

    seasons. Meanwhile, he also uses this poem to reveal a philosophy, which all the beautiful and precious goods will eventually gradually disappear. Moreover, The theme of the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” is transience, which is things of life change very quickly. The first stanza clearly introduces this theme, “Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold” (1-2). The first sentence, “Nature’s first green is gold”, refers to the first scene of spring, which symbolizes the new…

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  • Nothing Gold Can Stay And The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

    Can Stay” and “The Road Not Taken” elaborately describe how the beautiful things in life are often transient, and how one decision can make all the difference. The theme of the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is transience, which is that things in life change very quickly. The first stanza clearly introduces this theme, “Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold” (1-2). The first sentence, “Nature’s first green is gold,” refers to the first scene of spring, which symbolizes the new…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mart Frost And Marianne Moore

    through concrete objects was Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Frost chose to use the concrete object of a flower’s early leaf to explain his perspective that in the modern era, everyone conformed to one belief about what was beautiful or deserved respect, not realizing that just as the flower’s leaf transitions from being golden, back to its plain state, values in society change. Soon, many values that were once seen as important and the only way to live by will no longer matter.…

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  • Descriptive Statistics: Statistical Concepts: Shapes Of Distributions

    multi-sentence or paragraph length explanations. The completed iLab Word Document with your responses to the questions will be the ONE and only document submitted to the dropbox. When saving and submitting the document, you are required to use the following format: Last Name_ First Name_Week2iLab. Code Sheet Do NOT answer these questions. The Code Sheet just lists the variables name and the question used by the researchers on the survey instrument that produced the data that are included in…

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  • Spirogyra Vegetesis Lab Report

    a multicellular organism. This is means that spirogyra is more advance because the spirogyra is able to have multiply cells work together within the organism to survive and perform a specific function. From there we also have the epithelial tissue and the leaf epidermis. Both are a part of the Eukarya domain, however the epithelial cells are in the animal kingdom and heterotrophic while the leaf epidermis is from the plant kingdom and is autotrophic. Both have extremely similar functions in…

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  • Toro Blowor Case Study

    property. Here are the [X] top Toro leaf blowers available on the market today. Power Sweep™ (51585) The least expensive Toro blower is the Power Sweep™, model #51585. This electric blower pushes air speeds up to 160 mph. It is one of the lightest blower models on the market, weighing less than 5 pounds. It has a short blower tube for convenient storage, plus dual speed air control for big or small jobs. Priced at less than $50, the Power Sweep™ is an excellent alternative for keeping…

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