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  • Lesson Analysis: Lesson Analysis And Reflection

    Lesson Analysis & Reflection The lesson analysis and reflection will be over a mathematics lesson taught to a small group of second graders in a resource room. The timing of this lesson was appropriate. I had enough time to go over the lesson thoroughly. I finished a few minutes early and was able to re-iterate the strategies taught during the lesson. I was also able to implement more problems to make the lesson more concrete for a better understanding of the strategy. The benefits of this strategy is the students can use the method grouping by five in order to subtract nine in other areas of mathematics including multiplication and addition. The drawbacks of the strategy is it can be challenging for younger students to understand why they…

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  • Lesson Plan And Objectives Of A Lesson Plan

    EDR 317/318 Lesson Plan LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Lesson Title Grade/Comment Objective(s) (1c: Setting Instructional Outcomes) **Include both language and content objectives for your lesson What are the content and language objectives of this lesson? Objectives should be learner focused (not what the teacher will do or accomplish), observable (use verbs that can be measured), and target a specific outcome. Please refer to the SLO User Guide for the “ABCD” method or “I CAN” statements…

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  • Lesson Reflection

    I am really glad we got to plan for and execute this lesson before we actually teach a lesson in our classroom with the students. I not only was able to learn what went well and what I could work on but I also was able to learn from my peers and things that went well and what could be changed in their lesson. It was less pressure to do them with our classmates first than it will be to teach it in a class full of 4th and 5th grade students. For my lesson, I choose to do the topic of immigration…

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  • Lesson Reflection

    The lessons that I had planned for this week proved to be very challenging and somewhat wasteful. However, the good thing about this whole ordeal is that I have become more aware of what works and does not work for the students. I also have a better understanding of how important it is to check for students understanding and keep them engaged throughout the entire lesson. Every one of my lesson plans included powerpoints that would present the content for the subject of my lesson. I had…

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  • Lesson Reflection

    After teaching my lesson on Clothesline of Clues Jobs People Can Do, I realized I needed to make a few changes in my lesson. In my behavior objectives, I forgot to write my new vocabulary words on a piece of paper in sentences. I realized this when I got to the start of my lesson. When I looked at the materials I had for my lesson, I decided to change the paint and brushes to water colors and small brushes because of the activity on the paper. I was giving the children a five-minute warning till…

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  • The Importance Of Lessons

    Perhaps the single most valuable lesson I have learned in my years from high school until now is the merit of surrounding myself with people whom I share common principles. This lesson has dominated the choices I’ve made, mainly in regards to the schools I have attended and the different groups I have decided to partake in. Growing up, I would always hear the saying ‘show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’ But how precise is that statement? The ambiguity in my sentiments towards…

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  • 8 Important Life Lessons: Lesson Of Life

    8 Important Life Lessons People experience personal change and growth at different rates. Some of us are farther ahead at an earlier age, while others never excel beyond a very basic emotional intelligence level. When we welcome, rather than struggle against the truth, life becomes more peaceful and fulfilling. 1. Time Really Does Heal All Wounds But only if you allow it to. If you refuse to let go of your pain, you cannot heal; you stay stuck in that moment, stuck in the past, unable to truly…

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  • Importance Of Lesson Plan

    This process was significant for me because it helped me to see how lesson planning is vital when it comes to the teaching-learning process. Allowing me to properly plan ahead helped me to stay organized and keep on track, thus allowing me to teach more. Not only that, I was able to help students reach objectives more easily and spend less time on managing the classroom. This provided me to have a coherent framework for effective teaching, to be more confident when delivering the lesson, and…

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  • The Lesson By Toni Cartwright

    "The Lesson." Introduction to Literary Context: American Short Fiction, Nov. 2014, pp. 117-122. Literary Reference Center direct=true&db=lkh&AN=101666185&site=lrc-plus. Accessed 4 Nov. 2017. In this work, Champion states that “The Lesson”, is packed with social implications. She believes one major point of the story is the criticism of society, in which wealth is not equally distributed. It is seen as one of the major lesson to be learned in the…

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  • Lesson Plan For Hurricanes

    ANTICIPATORY SET (hook) Motivation for Lesson: Communicating the academic learning goals and activating prior knowledge/interests of students. • The topic of the lesson will be initially introduced to activate students’ background knowledge about hurricanes. • A video clip named “Hurricane 101” from National Geographic will then be shown to stimulate students’ curiosity. They will be directed to record important information from the video. • I…

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