The Outsider Essay

  • The Outsiders And The Outsiders By Francis Ford Coppola

    If we compare the novel of “The Outsiders” that was written by S.E.Hinton and the film that was produced by Francis Ford Coppola, there will be many similarities and differences. One of the major differences is the different treatments to express some major themes. For example, Conflict between different social classes, conflict between siblings, the definition of family and the coming of age and maturation of teenage boy. The conflict between different social classes is based on several perspectives: Family background and the kind of people they talk with. The novel version and the film version have different ways to express them. In the film, it does not show what kind of people do greasers and socs talk with. In the film, it shows family background by providing visuals. For example, after Pony got jumped by socs, the movie shows the house where Curtis family live. It is an old and small and abandoned house. The garden is over grown, also fills with neglected cars and metals. The novel has clear introductions about family background for each side. It introduces that the greasers are poor kids from east-side and socs are rich kids from the west-side of the town. The novel is narrated in the first person point of view of a greaser so when it introduces the socs, it has a tone with fear and hatred. For example, the novel narrates that “the socs are impossible to beat, they have everything”. In many scenes in the novel, the author mentioned about the fancy blue mustang and red…

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  • Importance Of Outsiders

    Orson Scott Card’s definition of an outsider conveys an idea that outsiders can see things more clearly and are important to everyone around them. He compliments their stronger sense of self compared to the rest of people in society. Card mentions how an outsider has a unique perspective than everyone else and that great heroic deeds are made by outsiders because of this unique perspective. While there is a notion that outsiders are not important, it is clear that outsiders are necessary in…

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  • Be An Outsider Essay

    I am an introverted and undemonstrative girl from birth. I seldom talk and I scare to share my feeling to others, especially someone is a stranger. A person who is not included in a group. This is named outsider. I am in one of them. Occasionally, I ask myself, “Be an outsider, is positive or negative?” However, there is no answer. When I was five years old, I hated to go to school not because of I didn’t like to study, but because of I didn’t like to work with the math teacher. In my memory,…

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  • The Outsiders Juveniles

    How are criminals created? Criminologists have been asking this questions for years. Answers have varied from the devil and supernatural forces to economic potential to simple biology (Donnelly). A narrower, but perhaps more complex question would be how do children go from innocent and naïve small humans to juvenile delinquents? Criminologists have debated with this solution for years. I, personally, do not think that there can be one answer or theory to such a complex subject. There are many…

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  • The Outsiders Analysis

    In the Novel, The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton expressed the temptations, peer pressure, and the unknown circumstances young teens face in everyday life. Hinton uses the character, Ponyboy, to represent the teens. Drugs, fights, class division, and a broken home are just a few realistic situations Hinton uses to give an honest account of teenage struggles. Unfortunately, because of her raw honesty, many critics have seen the story as a problem novel. For example, one critic believes that the story is…

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  • The Outsider Summary

    Title The original French title of this novel is “L’Etranger”, which led to several english translations that all accurately reflected a part of what the protagonist embodied in the novel. “The Foreigner” being one of the literal translations, appoints to Meursault being a foreigner to the land of Algeria as a Frenchman; “The Stranger” describes his mental isolation from fellow human beings and “The Outsider” is his ultimate detachment from the conventions of a humanistic society. Consequently,…

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  • The Outsider Reflection

    The book I chose to read was Alexander Hamilton- The Outsider by Jean Fritz. This book was rated at a 9th grade reading level but could be read in grades 6th- 8th depending on the students. There was quite a bit of information crammed into 144 pages and therefore can be useful in many different ways throughout the different age groups, even in the grades below 6th if the information is just taken from it. This being said, this book can be incorporated in many different ways in the classroom. As…

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  • Misunderstandings In The Outsiders

    In “The Outsiders”, a novel written by S.E Hinton, the main protagonist, Ponyboy Curtis, is caught in the midst of an act of homicide, an event where Pony’s friend and fellow greaser, Johnny, kills a Soc. Worried about having the police on their trail, and a possible news headline on the night of the murder, Ponyboy and Johnny abandon the safety of their homes to take refuge in an abandoned church, hoping to escape a potential prison sentence, or, in Pony’s case, separation from his brothers.…

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  • Prejudice In Relation To The Outsiders

    Composers raise social and political issues that reflect the context in which they are exposed, in order to critique and analyse the values and prejudice of their time towards the outsider. The Victorian text ‘Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorn revolves around the Puritan religion in relation to the outsider. It explores the dangers of a society that make religion and politics the sole basis of its law and order. Similarly, Todd Haynes 2002 film ‘Far from Heaven’ reflects issues of…

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  • The Outsider And The Trial Analysis

    In Albert Camus’ The Outsider, the court weighs Meursault’s acte gratuit, or assertion of individual will and freedom, against the outrage of the entire community. Likewise, Franz Kafka’s The Trial also juxtaposes the agency of the individual with the strength of the justice system, and displays how the trial suppresses K.’s psychological freedom and agency. As both novels demonstrate how the law subordinates the individual to the community, justice therefore appeases the public rather than…

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